Richard Rabbit (aka Roberto) was born in Morocco,Rabat. He lives in a place called MS1
He likes grass and carrots. His favourite movie is Secret Life of Pets as it has a bunny in it.
His favourite song is Run Rabbit by Flanagan and Allen. The link to the song is here:
He rapes people in his spare time. His catch phrase is 'PISS OFF!!!'.
This bouncing beauty has long ears but no jawline. His jawline ran off (like his dad who is the devil) and his mother became a prostitute. His brother (Robert Knobert) likes filming teachers at his school.

What happened to the first Richard Rabbit page:

I had to take down the page because everyone in my school found out so I needed to take it down so teachers wouldn't see it and I wouldn't get suspended or kicked out the school. This whole thing is a joke.