Where the Money was Donated 2013/14

Holyoake Tasmania - $8,000
Replacement of old computers.

Mount Carmel College - $1000
To assist students to paticipate in the Science and Engineering Challenge Final at Lismore.

Rural Alive and Well - $5,000

Rotahomes Bus Shelter - $6,180
A team from this Club went to Fiji to help built housing for the poor of Fiji.
The need for a Cyclone-proof bus shelter/marketplace was identified by the team - the Club, in conjunction with other Rotary Clubs, agreed to contribute to the cost of the shelter so it could be built by local labour before the cyclone season.

Scout Association of Tasmania - $10,000
Assist with the cost of extensions to the facilities for a Building at the Lea Scout Camp.

Food Plant Solutions - $10,000
Food Plant Solutions is a Rotary Action Group formed to help people in developing countries learn about and grow the 
best local foods. Food Plant Solutions is a visionary approach to malnutrition - to grow the best local foods to meet nutritional needs.

Australian Rotary Health - $500

Down Syndrome Tasmania - $1000
Funds raised are used to provide advisory, advocacy and support functions for people living in Tasmania with Down Syndrome and their families.

Diabetes Tasmania - $1,000
This is towards fund raising by the peak body for diabetes education and support in Tasmania.

Whitelion:  $1,000
Assist with Funding for a mentoring program that supports disadvantaged youth in Hobart.

RPH Print Radio: $1,000
Financial Assistance to enable a unique community radio service to operate. This amount will go towards updating the stations website.

City of Hobart Eisteddford: $1,000
The Club has assisted the Eisteddford for many years.

Disaster Aid Australia: $5,000

Mount Carmel College $1,000
For the Science and Engineering Challenge 

Equipment for the Hospitals in Cambodia - $2,500
Financial Assistance for the purchase of medical equipment at the Siem Reap provincial Hospital

Giant Steps - $500
Donation to the Therapy Centre for Children and Adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Deloraine

St Mary's College - $345
To cover costs for three students to attend the ConocoPhillips Science Experience in January 2014.

Scripture Union School Chaplaincy - $500

Windward Bound - $10,000
Youth Adventure Voyage

Australian Medical Alert Foundation - $500
This is a foundation that provides support to those who are financially disadvantaged.

Rostrum Australia - $500
Assist with a program involving students and schools to provide a platform for our young people to build their confidence and voice their opinions.

Jireh House association inc. - Women's shelter in Southern Tasmania - $2,240.
This shelter provides a 24 hour crisis accommodation for women (and their children if any) who have become homeless due to domestic violence and life crisis.
Donation is for the purchase of a Commercial washing machine.

Business Mentor Services Tasmania - $500.

Australian Breast Feeding Association - $500.
Donation towards the cost for three volunteer counsellors to attend the national conference.

Australian Cambodian Children's Taskforce - $1,000