Civics for Citizenship Essay Competition


The Rotary Club of Hobart has established a “Civics for Citizenship” essay competition to encourage civic literacy amongst Tasmania’s school children.

This competition seeks to promote interest in, and participation in the civic culture of Tasmania through a debate on the foundation principles of citizen engagement with our democracy.

The Rotary Club of Hobart believes it is important to encourage the next generation of leadership to reflect on where their democratic values came from in order to appreciate the need to use them and preserve them

The Rotary Club particularly embraces the concept of an essay competition as this connects well to the Club’s special community service theme of literacy.

Literacy has been a hidden problem in Tasmania for too long. The Rotary Club adopted the theme to contribute to solving the problem through a series of projects over three years. It is hoped that the Civics for Citizenship Prize will inspire students to express creatively their interest in Tasmania’s law, history, politics or just a love of writing.


There were two competitions:

For Students in Year 7 and 8

"Does being a “good Tasmanian” contribute to the development of an effective Australian national identity?" - this competition has been completed and the prizes awarded.

For Students in Year 10 (and will be in Year 11 next year)

"Should Section 44 of the Australian Constitution be reformed to preserve an inclusive sense of national identity? Please explain your answer."


The three prizes for the competition for Students in Year 7 and 8 have been awarded - they were: first prize has a value of $500; second prize $300 and third prize $100.

The two winners for the Year 10 competition received one week in Canberra, all expenses paid, to attend the “Rotary Adventure in Citizenship” sponsored by the Rotary Club of Hobart.

Please use the following link for more information: Rotary Adventure in Citizenship


The entry forms and related details are attached below.

FURTHER INFORMATION AND CONTACTS are given in the Information Sheet and entry form attached.