Hi, I am Sean Hoban, a genetic scientist and plant evolutionary ecologist who uses mathematical and computational tools to solve challenges such as (1) the conservation of endangered species (2) the preservation of genetic resources and (3) the management of landscapes during environmental change

I am now at the Morton Arboretum and will update this page soon!  See my page here.

Since October 2013 I have been a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS), located on the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  My main current interests is to help optimally plan collections of seed from plant populations (e.g. in seed banks, agricultural collections, botanic gardens), in order to preserve range-wide neutral and adaptive diversity, for use in conservation, restoration, research, or crop improvement.  My broad research interest is understanding how environmental and demographic change influences evolutionary dynamics of populations, and applying empirical and theoretical conservation genomics to conservation policySome specific topics that I have worked on include range-edge effects, local and long-distance dispersal, hybridization, and local adaptation- which all underlie a species'  ability to persist.  Lastly I develop tools and approaches to help ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of future genetic and genomic projects, especially sampling strategies.  I work mostly but not exclusively on plants (and mostly trees)- I've also worked with genetics of lizards, ice-fish, ungulates, lagomorphs, sharks and commercial fisheries.  Here is a  visual summary.  I am also involved in outreach and education activities, including hands-on software training for management applications, and six years' participation in PlantingScience.org.  A recent interview of me can be read here.

Details of my research interests, teaching and service experience, news about this site and my work, software resources, and much more are available via the links on the sidebar (left)

My CV is here.  A non-scientific description of what I do is here.  Photos from my field work, mostly from graduate school, are here.  You can send me an email at shoban@nimbios.org or find other contact info here.  Also, my conservation genetics colleagues and I have a facebook pageI am open to potential collaborators for short visits to NIMBioS; I am happy to work together on an application.  Email me at shoban@nimbios.org