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HubPages Weekly: Hubs for the Holidays

Ngày 24 tháng 12 năm 2010
Tới: hoangkimvietnam <>

HubPages Weekly
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Hi hoangkimvietnam,

The shortbread recipe shared by Grandma's House is sure to delight all cookie lovers!

Great Hubs for the Holidays

Hubbers have been sharing some amazing year-end guides!

The end of the year can be a crazy time; we hope your year-end days, whether they be studded with holidays, family gatherings, lots of work, or just chilly weather, have been productive and happy.

As always, Hubbers on HubPages have been fast at work providing guides and tips on how to make it through the month.  Grandma's House shared an indulgently rich shortbread recipe, stevemark122000 shares his tips to help us stave off dry winter hands, s.carver has our backs in the etiquette corner when it comes to writing thank you notes, and ExpandYourMind shares sound advice on preparing for emergencies when driving in dangerous, wintry weather.

I love how HubPages makes it so easy to find, share, and even write delicious little morsels of expertise.  I hope that you have been sharing your own insider tips on HubPages as well!

Simone Haruko Smith
Community & Marketing Manager

Recommended Hub
Tips and Tricks for Shopping With Toddlers

Tips and Tricks for Shopping With Toddlers

by sagebrush_mama published 7 days ago

When it comes to shopping with toddlers, life can be a huge challenge. Because each child is unique, the dynamics for one parent will be somewhat different from those of another. Regardless of the dynamics,...

Pro Tips

The Comments Capsule is one of many features of the HubTool

Getting to know the Comments Capsule

Some tools on HubPages are so simple that we don't even notice everything they have to offer.  One of these tools is the Comments Capsule in the HubTool.  The Comments Capsule is automatically included in your Hubs, so you may not have noticed that it has some really fabulous features:

  • You can change settings so that comments must be approved by you first before they become visible on your Hub
  • You can change email settings regarding comment notifications on a Hub-by-Hub basis
  • You can set it so that only readers with a HubPages account may leave comments on a Hub
  • You can put a cap on the maximum number of comments that appear in each Hub
  • You can change the order in which comments appear - having the latest ones appear at the top
  • You even have the option to remove the Comments Capsule entirely

For a more detailed guide to using the Comments Capsule, check out our Learning Center guide.

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Hubber to Hubber
mighty mom

Mighty Mom, From Where Left is Right, CA, 1538 Fans, 105 Hubs, Joined 2 years ago

K9keystrokes Interviews Mighty Mom

An Elite Hubber elaborates on tolerance, generations, and her success as a writer and entrepreneur

1. I caught sight of you in the forums a while back and discovered you are a very formidable soldier for tolerance. Where does this humane sense of self come from?

Wow! What a question right out of the gate! Like so much of my outlook on life, it comes from personal experience. I’ve had a lot of exposure to the “misunderstood” of the world. I’m a big underdog cheerleader. So I tend to get my back up when people spout absolute vitriol based on nothing but ignorance and fear. Somebody’s gotta stand up to intolerance. There are some notable Hubbers who are much more vociferous, but I do try to do my part. Kumbaya, everybody!!

2. What keeps you coming back and writing here on HubPages?

Within weeks of joining I discovered the communal side of HP. “Back in the day” (on the list of most overused/annoying phrases of 2010, btw) there was a jolly group of hubjackers who met pretty much every night. We worked ourselves into a frenzy of silliness and double entendres. As HP has grown and evolved, its attraction for me has grown. I’ve met even more cool Hubbers and discovered the “allure” of the forums. There is so much intelligence, wisdom and humor here! Oh, and I’ve recently discovered you can actually make money through Hubbing! Who knew?

3. You are a very successful online writer, even winning some significant awards for your work. If you could tell a newbie just one thing regarding online writing, what would that be?

I hope this doesn’t disqualify me from offering advice to newbies, but… my awards are all old school. You know, for stuff like ads and brochures and annual reports and things that actually get printed. On paper. I’ve made the transition to online because that’s where the action is. I would hardly say I’m a “successful” online writer (unless you count writing other people’s websites).

What I would say to newbies is you can do it the hard way or you can do it the smart way. The smart way is to read every piece of guidance HP provides. Then search for Hubs that will answer the rest of your questions. Very quickly you will be led to Hubbers who really know their stuff. Read their Hubs. Learn how it all works. Use the tools. As for the writing itself, there are many theories as to what works best. I’d simply say write what you know, write often, and you’ll become a better writer. Oops – I just reread the question and you said only ONE thing. Um, I guess the ONE thing would be to write quality, original content.

4. Mighty Mom, you are among the HubPages Elite; how did you attain this lofty roll and what do Hubbers who aspire to such great heights need to remember?

Giant LOL on this one. If I told you that my particular squadron of Hub Pages Elites was not long ago called the Hub Freaks (instead of Hub Greeters), would that burst your bubble? Seriously, being an Elite is not a status thing. It’s a service thing. It’s my responsibility to greet at least seven new Hubbers each week. Other Elites contribute to other areas of HubPages. If you’re interested in doing extra work to make HubPages a more vibrant place, I’d say show yourself to be a loyal, active, and positive member of the HP community. That’s the best way to get noticed and invited.

5. In your profile, you speak of being part of the "sandwich generation". Will you elaborate on the topic?

Goes to show how much has happened in my life since joining Hub Pages! I’m hanging on by a single crust now – my son’s out on his own and we’re down to only one living parent. Yikes! The “sandwich generation” refers to those of us mid-lifers who still have kids in the house but are also caring for our aging/ill parents. PB & J squished between two soggy slices of Wonder Bread -- that’s us.

6. Moving from the east coast to the west coast must have caused you to make some adjustments in lifestyle. What do find to be the biggest change you had to undergo?

Moving from Boston to California was like moving to another country. Or maybe another planet. After about two years I acclimated and no longer need the oxygen mask.

7. You write about some pretty deeply serious subjects while offering some really helpful life changing information. What drives you to take on emotional topics like rape and alcoholism?

Yeah, and don’t forget bipolar, teen drug addiction, hospice, death, and familial betrayal. Gosh, I’m a regular little ray of sunshine, aren’t I? Seriously, I write about what I know. Some people garden. I recover.

8. If you had to speak about the importance of having a service commitment while in recovery around the holidays, what would you say and would you recommend any Hubs on the subject?

I’m a big fan of having a service commitment at any time of year. It keeps you out of trouble because it takes you out of yourself and makes you feel good, too! But the holidays are tough on so many levels. I’d say do anything/everything in your toolbox. Whatever you normally do, do more of it, not less (being too busy with shopping, etc. is not a legitimate excuse). If you’re not working on your recovery you are working on a relapse! There are some excellent Hubs on recovery. Recovering Addict has written extensively on all kinds of addiction issues (although haven’t seen anything recently). See also Kimh039 and my homegirl Lorlie6… I’m probably forgetting some great ones. Please forgive me if I left yours out.

9. I find it fascinating that you write Marketing Copy for businesses. What is your favorite type of business to market?

I find writing for businesses fascinating, too! The best part for me is the diversity. I’ve done a lot more B2B than B2C, but that’s changing as I work with more clients online and internationally. These days I write about teen leadership programs, “green” charcoal and grilling products, laser hair loss treatment, predictive analytics for casinos, risk management consultants, construction services – each client presents a new challenge. I love them all (as long as they are appreciative).

10. In 2002 you launched your own business after realizing "herding cats" was a costly expenditure of energy when marketing for law firms. How hard was it to take your first step in creating your business 'Mighty Pen'?

That’s true. As my lawyers caught on to the power of marketing, they wanted more, more, more. I found myself doing a lot of stuff I pretty much hated (Example: I spent the day of 9/11 writing, producing and delivering a proposal). After four years I had my epiphany. Luckily, I already had relationships with some fabulous graphic designers. I figured out pretty quickly how to market myself by partnering with them. Hard to believe it’s been almost nine years, or that I’ve been Hubbing for two+ years! Time flies when you’re having fun playing with words, that’s for sure.

Hub Nuggets

This Week's HubNuggets

In honor of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Solstice, New Year's, and Festivus, Patty Inglish, MS orchestrated a brilliant HubNugget Holiday Dinner Awards gala to honor this week's nominees in Gender and Relationships, Holidays and Celebrations, and Religion and Philosophy. For those who could not attend the festive event and missed the winning announcements, we've shared the top voted nominees below. Enjoy!  


      Gender and Relationships
34% Erin Nicole

Getting Over Mr. Big

Definition of Mr. Big: Charming and charismatic, the on-again off-again object of affection who is emotionally unavailable due to commitment phobias. He will continuously string a woman along, using her as a...

33% Rosie2010

The Day I Became Jennifer

Sometimes, things happen for a reason.  Like a few months ago, I had a doctor's appointment at 8:45 in the morning.  I was running late so I skipped breakfast.  After my appointment I walked to the nearby...

14% Nicky Bantham

Love's Fragrance

Love’s Fragrance – By Nicky Bantham If a synchronization of sound creates harmony in music, then the elegance of its delivery, usually determines the success thereof. So it is with love, the one...

      Holidays and Celebrations
32% Al Blondin

Why we serve... I remember

In this photo feature, I want to share the memories that impacted me through images captured during the two most significant missions I participated in the last few years: Op Athena in Afghanistan and Op...

22% Donna Janelle

I'm Not Dreaming of a White Christmas

Why I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas this year: Last year, my husband and I headed to Tulsa on Christmas Eve and got stuck out in the middle of nowhere during a terrifying blizzard.

22% SweetMarie83

'Tis the Season - Reflecting on My Family's Christmas Traditions

My family is big on traditions.  We tweak them every once in awhile, add a few new ones here and there, but for the most part, they remain the same. The Christmas season begins in our home around the first...

      Religion and Philosophy
61% merobinson2

Five Reasons I DON'T Want to win the Lottery

That much power in the hands of a twenty one year old? I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I wouldn’t know what I should do with it. With no experience and very little knowledge, how could I know where to...

17% sueroy333

Burial Rituals to Die For

I went to a viewing last night. They really should warn you that there might be a dead person in the room when you walk in. It’s pretty awkward if you’re not expecting it. I don’t really understand...

7% mherboth

The Jesse Tree

For the past few years our family has prepared for Christmas through the devotion of the Jesse Tree. The Tree of Jesse represents the genealogy of Jesus and has been recorded in the tradition of the Church...

Hi hoangkimvietnam,

Here are all the hubs published by your favorite authors in the last day. Enjoy these new hubs, or create one of your own.

Hubs by Kathryn Vercillo:

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft, a Common January Problem
“Sadly there are many different ways that thieves can steal your identity. As we spend more and more time connected to the web on a variety of different devices, the risks just grow. However, one of the most...”
Fat People More Likely to Die in Car Crashes
“We all know that there are certain fatal conditions that are more likely to affect people who are obese than people who are of average weight. Risks of death from diabetes and heart conditions, for example,...”
10 Terrific Textiles for Improving Home Décor
“Fabric is a wonderful thing to pay attention to when you’re trying to improve the décor of your home. Oftentimes you can alter the entire mood of a room just by adding the right fabric in strategic places....”
How to Get Your Art Into the Brooklyn Art Library
“The Brooklyn Art Library is a really cool space that a lot of people remain unaware of. This is sad because it means that people are missing out on exploring great works of creativity when they visit...”



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