Course Information

DIVA Dialogue is the our version of the famous TED Talks of Ideas Worth Spreading.  TED Talks began as a way to show the world about the latest and greatest ideas in technology, education, and design. 

Students enrolled in the semester-long information literacy course at Holy Names High School will create a DIVA Dialogue video at the end of their research and collaboration for this Social Justice Project.  This project was modeled after Google's 20% Time.  Google allows its employees to take 20% of their time to work on their own "pet projects," believing that it will allow innovative ideas to flourish.  With this in mind, Holy Names students enrolled in this course will receive the skills and resources to create their own Diva Dialogue Social Justice Projects.

My Haiku Deck presentation about the project, presented at MERIT13 (Making Education Relevant & Interactive through Technology) to my cohort, to administrators from Bay Area schools, and to MERIT instructors:

Diva Dialogue: A Social Justice Project