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Includes now Britain's Merchant Navy, Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force and ADF

A visual data page adjunct to the British Light Infantry's Guestbook Pages to assist anyone searching for former British Army, Merchant Navy, Royal Navy, RAF and ADF personnel. The List originates from details supplied by old mates, friends and relatives and refers back in history from the current era to before The Boer War. Retired servicemen, some in their '80's, are contributing. Post a Mention with Photo and Caption to promote possible contact with others who might browse and respond.  This is managed website entirely at the Editor's discretion and all subscriber information is held in total anonymity and confidentiality.  Any subsequent cross contact will be with joint party agreement.

TO LIST ON THIS SITE:  Contact the site Editor direct and supply all available details for all  LI Soldiers, other Regiments, and Seamen and Airmen. (Women too).  Also any Regiment of the Australian Defence Forces for all time periods.  Full Names, DOB, DOD where applicable, Service Number and service time period, Regiment, Postings, Rank and Date when discharged.  Photographs with captions, and plenty of supportive information.



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Bermuda Online below is Webmastered by Keith A Forbes


Welcome to Korea below is Webmastered by Clive Yapp

Welcome to Korea



Medal ID sought, see Mention of Capt CTH Reavely. DOD 12th Nov. 1956 

Archie Moulds 1KSLI and more, with Editor at Lake Te Anau New Zealand in Feb 2007

(Back),Editor, Puckey,Taylor,(Front)Edwards, Bradshaw at Warwick Camp. Click to enlarge

3 Platoon A Company 1DCLI Prospect Bks Bermuda 1954 - 1955:  CLICK  for more photos

Dance Party Prospect Garrison circa 1954. John Tenniswood lhs with Canadian nurses.  Charlie Seaborne in No1's.  Sgt Barry Nichols RAMC (specs) 3rd from lhs. Others unknown.

Junior NCO Group taking a smoko during morning Drill at Prospect circa 1954.  John Warrilow 3rd from right at rear.  Bill Eaton on John's left



Unidentified Items - Need Answers!

The above hand painted silk banner is framed and forms part of a private collection in an Old Soldiers memorabilia.  Condition is poor, but some ID is possible.  Current research turns up the obvious translation from French into "try" - common to many crests,  also the lion peering through a thorn thicket (Dundas clan of Scotland) and a salamander's body on the shield. Also an antelope's body with satanic features.  Some  suggest South African.  Anyone with clues - front and centre please! CLICK to enlarge


Above is (maybe) Italian Light Infantry of the Napoleonic era (anyone served there 1812?).  Original painting is in Brisbane and known to Editor, artist deceased now 30 years, no facts known.  Any comments will be appreciated but no back pay if you enlisted!  (See Wellington's Redcoats below)CLICK to enlarge.




  (Above) Entitled 'Happy Crew' Korea '50-'51 sampled with permission from Clive Yapp's website memorial to his father L/Cpl George Yapp KIA 1951


   Bill Griffiths 1KSLI to Clive Yapp

Taken from a Memorandum written recently by Bill Griffiths to Clive Yapp, son of George Yapp. "Yesterday, we as members of the Korean Veterans Assn Hereford branch carried out a Poppy laying ceremony at a little Memorial site we have here in my Village of Eardisley. We the Branch, created seven such Memorial sites in Hereford and the surrounding markets towns. Apart from the one in my village, we have others in Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, Leominster, Bromyard, Ledbury, and Kington. At this little ceremony, I took the liberty, but the honour and privilege of laying a Poppy Cross bearing your Dad's name, and that of L/Cpl Hanlon, who was killed at the same time. I hope you will appreciate that I did this for you as well for the rest of us who survived. (pictures attached The Vets, me second from right)"

(Below) KSLI Korean Vets Association of Hereford, November 8th 2006. Left is Ken Hyde Ex DCLI, next to him is George Ayers Ex Middlessex Regt. Obscured rear left is Phillip Jenkins Ex KSLI. Far right Lt Col (Retd) Benny Goodman OBE, MBE Ex Royal Signals, Bill Griffiths is 2nd from right.  2 others to be ID'd by Bill.


Below recent (June 2007) KSLI Korean Veterans Association (Hereford Branch) New Colours Ceremony at Hereford Cathedral sent in by Bill Griffiths  


Dedicated on Sunday June 10th 2007 at St Peters Church Hereford

Left to right: Lt Col Benny Goodman OBE MBE ( Branch Chairman)

John Norman MM (Standard Bearer)

Bill Griffiths (Branch Vice President

Above is combined group photo of Branch Members in attendance

Below is Fred Pocknel who gets a special mention in Bill Griffiths Memoirs



















































(Right) Newspaper clipping forwarded by Geoffrey Tremain, pictured front row left hand side. The Editor is compiling individual data for each Cornishman as it comes to hand. Date of entry here on this site is 16th Jan 2007, so we are calling on reader's memories of over 53 years ago. Your help will be greatly appreciated. The halftone newspaper clipping has been heavily corrected from the 1953 original forwarded and quality is about as good as it gets.

Tempus Fugit!


Napoleonic Wars (Wikipedia)

(Below) 33rd Regiment of Foot Wellingtons Redcoats who fought in actions against Napoleonic forces between 1812 - 1816 here showing the standard line 8th Company

(Below) The Charge of the Marmelukes 2nd May 1808 by Francisco de Goya (1814).



 (Right) 2 photos supplied by (WO2) Bill Griffiths.

The return of the KSLI from Korea 1952 (?), marching through Hereford and presentation to the City. 
















KSLI Sergeant's Mess 1953 on presentation of new Colours at BAOR Goettingen, Germany, by General Sir John Harding, seated beside the CO, Col P de C Jones. The Regiment was later posted to Kenya. Photo supplied in July 2007 by WO2 Bill Griffiths (2nd from right in rear rank). 








Old photograph discovered by Bruce Pearson.  Thought to be 2nd Battalion DCLI. "Mess 46th Infantry 15"

Circa 1940's or early 1950's










Another old photograph supplied by Bruce Pearson entitled "25th Coy. No. 10 1. TC March 1942". Major seated at centre front (with black spaniel dog obscured at photo join) thought to be Major Thomas Pearson.



(Above) KOYLI - FARELF Circa 1946-1948. Supplied by Emma Darbyshire, granddaughter of Thomas Darbyshire


Alphabetical list with known details:

Name in Green text when underlined signifies Light Infantry linked information.  Name in Blue text when underlined signifies British Merchant Navy, Royal Navy & RAF linked information or association.  Name in Red text when underlined signifies ADF (Australian Defence Forces) linked information or association.


BARBER, Alfred William Haxby (RIP): DOB June 1910, DOD Nov 1971, laid to rest in Gibralter. British Merchant Navy #R40636/20427 (?). Service record shows 1st posting to "SS Stornent" July 1941 as Chief Steward.  "Alf" made some 75+/- separate trips on over 36+/- Merchant Navy, British Royal Navy, HMTroopships vessels during his 30 years of service, during both WW2 years and later until his untimely death on board RBD429Cons.  The Editor is piecing together an HMTroopships article for later publication of Alf's travels, including illustrations of the individual vessels to which he was posted.  Contact is welcomed from former shipmates and travellers who can offer anecdotes and memories and pictorial memorabilia of this era particularly the WW2 convoys. Contact with daughter Julie via Editor.

BARNES, Terence E: Sgnt. DOB June 1937. #23163337. 1DCLI HQ Coy, 1955-1957, SCLI, LI. Discharged 1972. Jamaica, Osnabruk, Gibralter, Plymouth, Berlin, Gravesend, Aden, Bath (Recruiting), Lemgo. Lives in Plymstock Plymouth.  Contact available via Editor.

BECK, Dave: DOB About 1935. #2293514*. 1DCLI Nov 1953 Intake  Bodmin Depot, Plymouth, Bermuda. 1953-1955. Lives Chillcompton (?), England. Contact available via John Griffin.


BRADSHAW, Graham (Brad): L/Cpl. DOB About 1935. #2293514*. Nov 1953 1DCLI Intake Bodmin Depot, Plymouth, Bermuda 1953 - 1955. Lives in Bristol, England.  Contact available via John Griffin.

BRAIN, Rex (Cpl): DOB 1939, #23434335 Intake 47 Bodmin Depot Nov 1957. Strensal Barracks NCO Cadre, 1DCLI Osnabruck 1958, 3 Platoon "A" Coy. SCLI 1959. Discharged Nov 1961. Lives in Yate nr Bristol,  Contact available via Editor.  Meet every 3rd Thursday, LI Association - TA Centre Whiteladies Road, Bristol at 1930.

CALLEN William (Bill) #552127 Cpl. RAF Wireless Operator. DOB 19 Oct 1920. Sailed from Liverpool SS Orbita to South Africa 1940. Subsequent postings in Jan 1941 from 42 Air School Port Elizabeth to Kasfareet, Helwan in Egypt, then Western Desert, finishing in Tunis. Returned to UK to St Athan, and then a further tour to the Far East, Bombay, Calcutta, Palembang in Sumatra, Colombo Signals Centre and back to the UK, instructing in Compton Basset until demob in Oct 1947. Contact available via Editor.

CHEESEMAN, John: DOB About 1936. 230**** 1DCLI. Bodmin Depot, Bermuda.  1954-1956. Home town in Cornwall. My good reliable old mate sending the Kukri knife. (Ed.) Get in touch Johnny wherever you are in 2007. We had some great laughs at Warwick, have more photos.

CLARK, Charles Henry (Nobby). Merchant Seaman. DOB 1928, DOD 1998.  Signed on at Hull aged 15 as boy cook. Served on ST Superman. Dad to June Clark in contact with us for other family military memoirs.  Contact via Editor.

COOK, Arthur (Joe): DOB April 1904, DOD March 1990. #5665035, L/Sgnt, Enlisted 2SLI on 20th June 1921. India and the Sudan.  Home Guard WW2.  Military connection to Pte Joe Pike, welter weight boxing champ, Agra, India 1921. (see photo endpage). Contact with Grand daughter via Editor.

CORNISH, M. Barry H. (Corny): Cpl. #23002621 1DCLI. Bodmin, Strensall (KOYLI Depot), Bermuda. Feb 1954 - Feb 1956. MT Section. C'O's Driver. DOB About 1935. Lives in Helston, Cornwall. Contact available via Editor. See Barry's Memoirs (hotlinked to surname).


CRANE, Tom: #23952287 KSLI, 3LI, DOB 1944.  Enlisted 1964. Belize, Plymouth, Northern Ireland, Singapore (HQ FARELF Provost), Cyprus, Germany (11 Armoured Brigade, Royal Signals Provost).  Demobbed 1973. Lives in Hartlepool, Teeside. Contact available via Editor.


DARBYSHIRE, Thomas: Pte. and Officer's Batman, keen soccer player. #14153065 KOYLI, (FARELF). DOB 11/8/26. DOD 23/6/02. April 1946 - May 1948. NS. Deolali, Madras, Singapore, Taiping, Malaya. Had distinguishing 'swallow' tattoo matching with mate ('Charlie').  See additional KOYLI FARELF picture in sidebar, scroll to last entry. Contact with Grand daughter Emma available via Editor. 

DENNY, John Henry: Marine. #1698PLY Royal Marine Light Infantry. Enlisted Liverpool 28th July 1877. Discharged 24th August 1898.  Disappeared in South Wales in 1901. Served on HMS Firefly (gunboat) Africa station 1879 - 1880; HMS Indus (Devonport) 1880 - 1881 & 1883 - 1885; HMS Impregnable 1881 - 1882; HMS London 1882 - 1883; HMS Victor Emanuel 1889 - 1892; (Hong Kong) HMS Narcissus 1892 - 1893; HMS Vivid (light cruiser) 1894 - 1896. Family historian Ray Lewis in contact with Editor.  Click surname to hotlink to Blog Page. A photo might be available shortly.

EATON, William A (Bill): L/Cpl. DOB About Feb 1935. 22888377 1DCLI. Bodmin, Minden, Plymouth, Bermuda. 1953 - 1955. Empire Clyde Feb 1954. Lives in Siddington.  Contact available via Editor.



EDWARDS, Vernon (Bill): L/Cpl. DOB about Sept 1935. 229351** 1DCLI, Bodmin Depot, Plymouth, Bermuda 1953 - 1955.  Formerly from Bristol and close mates of Dutch Hoon, Johnny Griffin, Editor and Graham Bradshaw. Lives in Canada.  Contact available via Editor.


FORBES, Robert: Pte. # 26237, 15th Bn., Highland Light Infantry, DOB About 1896, DOD 10/7/1916 (RIP) during the Somme offensive.  He was the son of Mr & Mrs A.W. Forbes of Glasgow. He is commemorated at the Thiepval memorial. No photo available but any possible connection with the Glasgow family will be appreciated.  Click on underlined name to go to Blog Page and Somme offensive to see more photos of 1916. 

GILES: John (Sgnt) RASC #19136378: DOB about 1929, NS Demob Group 104 enlisted Canterbury Feb 1947 - Feb 1949. Cirencester, Colchester, Aldershot, Bedford. RASC School Gebel Maryam Ismailia, CSDIC Kabrit, Salonika Interrogation Centre. HMTroopship Memoirs linked to surname. Contact available via Editor 

 GODDARD, John James: Bugler HQ Coy, 1DCLI Jamaica.  DOB July 1935. #22936831. KSLI Depot Shrewsbury, Crownhill Barracks, Plymouth, Empire Clyde to Jamaica 1953-1955.  Lives in Labrador Queensland. John's Memoirs are published separately - click surname to view. Contact via Editor. 
GRIFFIN, John (Griff): L/Cpl. DOB About 1935. #22935147. 1DCLI: Bodmin, Plymouth, Bermuda. Newcastle Jamaica. 1953 - 1955. Griff and Editor are in contact again after 51 years.  In contact with Dave Beck and Graham Bradshaw. Lives in Bristol England. Contact available via Editor.

 GRIFFITHS, William (Bill): WO2. DOB About 1930. # 4042838 1KSLI, RAPC, RAPC TAVR  (KSLI May 1946 to Dec 1954) (RAPC 1954 - 1970) (RAPC  TAVR  1970 - 1984). Kenya, Hong Kong, UK, Korea, BAOR, Northern Ireland, attached to Glosters. Bill's Troopship Memoirs are now published on his own sub page.  CLICK here to travel. Bill's Military Adventures are also  being pre-print released.  Contact with Bill available via Editor.

HASKETT, Roy:  L/Cpl (T). DOB About 1943. #RM29113 (PO29113R). Royal Marines, Deal, Kent in June 1971. Bickleigh, Nth Ireland 2 tours, Seaton, Stonehouse, until Feb 1977. Vehicle Mech. See Roy's HMTroopship Memoirs (Click Roy's surname).  Lives in Blackpool. Contact available via Editor. 

HIBBERT, Graham G: Cpl. DOB About 1938. #23435450 Royal Army Medical Corps 1957-1959. Fleet, Ash & Netley. Deep Sea Trooping Pool Southampton, Medical Centre REME Blandford. Travelled extensively on HMTroopship Dunera as Medical Orderly.  See HMTroopship Memoirs hotlinked to GT's name.  Lives in Macclesfield, Cheshire.  Contact via Editor.

HILL, Richard (Delabole Dick): DOB About 1931, DOD 2001. (RIP) #2293514* 1DCLI: Bodmin Depot Intake Nov 1953, Plymouth, Bermuda 1954-1955.  Salt of the Earth, sorely missed.  Lived in Delabole.  Family contact via Johnny "Griff" Griffin in Bristol.

 HOON, Carey (Dutch): Cpl. DOB About 1935, #22935153 1DCLI: Bodmin Depot Intake Nov 1953, Plymouth, Bermuda. 1953 - 1955. Special Guardsman. Special bloke. Lives in Bristol.  Last met Editor in 1986 in Bristol. Contact available via Editor.


KELLY: James (Jim): DOB About 1936, #2331**** 1DCLI: Bodmin Depot Intake 19, Bermuda. 1954 - 1956.  More information pending. Contact via Editor.


LAVERY:  Michael R (Mick): Cpl. DOB Sept 1944. #23931826.  10 Field Squadron (Airfields) Royal Engineers. Cove, Longmoor, Maidstone, Aden,  1962 - 1968. Lives in Dusseldorf Germany. Seeking SCLI mates from Aden times.  Contact available via Editor.

LAWRENCE, Derek: Cpl. DOB 1934. #23120921. 1DCLI. Bodmin Depot, Intake 26. Bermuda. Apr 1955 - Feb 1957.  Lives in Redruth, Cornwall. Contact available via Editor. 


LOVEMORE, Derek JK (Dick): Cpl: DOB Sept 1935 #22935157. 1DCLI, 5Glosters(TA): Bodmin Depot Nov 1953, Plymouth, Bermuda. 1953 - 1955.  Site Editor lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Click on "Editor" for email contact. Many interlinked sites (sidebar upper lhs) relative to 1DCLI now awaiting your Comments.

 McGOUGH, (Mac): DOB About 1935. #2293515*.1DCLI. Bodmin Depot Intake Nov 1953. Plymouth, Bermuda.  Home town somewhere in Cornwall. 


MADRON, John (Jack), Cpl.  DOB About 1933. #22679171. 1DCLI. Bodmin Depot June 1952 - June 1955. Minden, Plymouth, Jamaica.  MMG Platoon.  Contact available via Editor.


MANNINGS, Keith: DOB About 1936. #23075951. 1DCLI. Bodmin Depot, Intake Nov 1954. Bermuda Feb 1955 - Oct 1956.  Home town Frome, Somerset.  Visits Bermuda regularly.  Snailmail address only via Editor. 

MITCHELL, Alan: (Mitch) Cpl: DOB About 1934. #22876873. 1DCLI. Bodmin Intake 12, 1953 - 1955.  Bodmin, Plymouth, Bermuda.  Home town in Cornwall.  More details to come.


MITCHELL, Reg: Bugle Major: DOB about 1930. KSLI 1964, 1966 Junior Soldier's Company. Joined DCLI in 1946 as 14 year old band boy. Mogadishu, Minden, British Honduras, Jamaica, Bermuda, Osnabruk, Shrewsbury, Plymouth. Discharged 1972. Resides in Shrewsbury. Contact via Editor.

MOULDS, Archie: Sgnt: DOB 1931.  #4042828. 1KSLI band boy enlisted 1946 - 1957. Copthorne Barracks Shrewsbury, Kneller Hall, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Germany, Kenya. Nth Rhodesia Police, Northern Ireland. RUC Band 1969. Australia and New Zealand.  Met Editor in NZ in Feb 2007.  Lives in Bay of Islands NZ. Close KSLI mate of Bill Griffiths. Contact via Editor.

NORTON, Albert: DOB 7/9/1900 #Unknown. KOYLI at the end of WW1. Possible Military Police connection in the Rhine Germany. Service history lost in time. Contact with Granddaughter via Editor.  Any further information or leads will be appreciated.

OATES, William (Bill) Cpl: DOB About 1933 #22876874. 1DCLI. Bodmin Intake July 1953. Plymouth, Jamaica, Belize, "E" Company, British Honduras. 1953-1955. Lives in Cornwall. Contact available via Editor.  


PAKES, Fraser J: Cpl. DOB About 1937 #23176144. 1DCLI. Bodmin Intake #30, Sept 1955. "A" Company, Bermuda 1956 -1957 Osnabruck. Company Clerk. Underlined name hotlinked to Military Memoirs. Lives in Canada.  Contact available via Editor.


PEARCE, Reg: DOB About 1935 #22906127. 1DCLI. Bodmin Depot, Bermuda. 1954 - 1956. Lives in ? England. Contact available via Editor.  More details to follow.  


PUCKEY, Donald: Cpl. DOB About 1934. DOD Nov 2007. (RIP)#22935*** 1DCLI Intake Nov 1953 Bodmin Depot. Plymouth, Bermuda. 1953 - 1955.  Home town was believed to be Polperro, Cornwall.  Sad to never have made contact Don, I did try and wouldn't have given up. We will remember you and recall our great Bermuda times. (Editor)  

REAVELY, (CTH) Cuthbert Thomas Hallilely: Capt. DOB 1893, DOD Nov 1956. KSLI. Contributor of articles on music to the British fascist press in the 1930s. Translated Von Blumentritt's biography of Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt in the early 1950's.  Identification of medals sought for granddaughter.  See sidebar photo. Contact via Editor

RICHMOND, William (Bill): DOB About 1936, DOD 1998. (RIP). #2312**** 1DCLI, Bodmin Depot, Bermuda 1955 - 1956.  2 Platoon. Several Prospect Garrison, Bermuda photos posted to the "A" Company site.  Click on bolded surname. Contact with son Dean via Editor.

RUTTER, John A.M. (Lt) RIP: DOB About 1932, DOD Jan 2008. 1DCLI Bermuda and Jamaica.  Well known in the Regiment for his boxing prowess.  Family in Canada are providing John's photos for our website.  Contact available via Editor.

SCOTT, Maurice A: #22464644, DOB About 1932, 1st Royal Lincolnshire Regt, Served in Egypt 1951, travelling on Empire Test (later Empire Clyde), and later in Germany via HMT Lancashire.  Maurice to supply more service details. Contact available via Editor.

SEABORNECharles: Sgt. DOB About 1930.  Origins with Army Catering Corps, 1DCLI from 1954 - at least 1956.  3 Platoon "A" Company. Then Bermuda Prisons Service. Home town unknown. Inquiries pending.

SIMONS, Terry: DOB About 1935. #229351**. Bodmin Depot Intake. 1DCLI Nov 1953. Plymouth, Bermuda. 1953-1955.  Home town believed to be Penzance. Contact via Swanny Swanson.

SWANSON. Donald Neil (Swanny): DOB July 1935.  #22920403 Bodmin Depot 15th Intake on 17th Sept 1953. 1DCLI Plymouth, Bermuda 1953-1955. Home town Penzance Cornwall. Very active member of the DCLI Association and contributor to our DCLI Memorabilia. Contact via Editor.

TENNISWOOD, John: Sgt.  DOB About 1933.  #22823909. RAC. Catterick 1952. RAPC 1954 when attached to "A" Company, 1DCLI Prospect Garrison Bermuda 1954-1957. Empire Clyde Feb 1954.  Keeper of the purse as Garrison Pay Sergeant.  Discharged Nov 1958.  John has been most helpful since our venture into 1DCLI memorabilia with identification of Bermuda OR's and Officers. Lives in London and contactable via Editor. 

TREMAIN, Geoffrey: Pte: See larger Group Picture below (GT front left). Korea 1953.  Awaiting information of military details.  Contact with son in law Andrew via Editor. We need to expand upon the sparse information below (in the News clipping) asap - so get blogging lads!

Peter: L/Cpl. DOB 1934. #22862749. Bodmin Depot March 1953. Discharged March 1955. Plymouth, Empire Clyde, "A" Company, 2nd Platoon, Bermuda.  Lives in Looe. Contact available via Editor.

WARRILOW, John: L/Cpl. DOB About 1932. #2771**** Regular 1DCLI. Bodmin Depot (?), Sennelager, Minden, Plymouth, "A" Company Bermuda, then ? Good friend of Reg Mitchell DCLI Bandsman.  John was the character on the green mo'bike. Trail goes cold after Bermuda. Contact with Reg via Editor. Picture cropped from poor original - some reflection on eyes.

WEBB: Trevor A: L/Cpl. DOB Jan 1933. #23002656.  Bodmin Depot Intake 18 Feb 1954. 4 Pltn. Bermuda, Jamaica 1954 -1956.   Home town Falmouth.  Contributor of many unique photos of Bermuda. Surname is hotlinked to "A" Coy website. Contact via Editor

WESTBROOK, Roy: DOB About 1935, #2293517*. Bodmin Depot Intake 1DCLI Nov 1953. Plymouth, Bermuda. 1953 - 1955.  Very close mate of Neil Swanson in Bermuda. Advised re-enlisted Royal Hampshire Regiment in late '50's and posted to Belize. Home town close to Southampton. Trail for Roy has gone cold, any help will be appreciated.

WHITTON, Alfred James: DOB 1915 Plymouth,  DOD 1970's. Sgnt DCLI #W5436638: Served 1930 - 1955 or thereabouts.  Family interested to discover more military history and contacts.  Alf not known to any "A" Coy lads in Bermuda 1954-1957, but maybe Jamaica? Contact with grand daughter Tanya via Editor.


WILLIAMS: John: Senior Aircraftsman. Royal Air Force, DOB Nov 1931, #4121606. 1953 - 1956. St Eval Cornwall, RAF Kabrit Egypt, RE's Port Squadron IWT, RAF El Firdan, RAF Abyad. John's Memoirs are being drafted (June 2007) and is linked to his surname here.  Lives in Dagenham and can be contacted via Editor.

 WOODS, Raymond: Cpl. DOD 1982. (RIP)  #23319589. 1DCLI,   Intake June 1956 Bodmin Depot : 3" Mortar Platoon (?) in Caribbean (unknown details). June 1956. until June 1959, then Reserves. Son Vince lives in Hereford, England.   Seeking former mates for details of Ray's military exploits. Contact to Vince available via Editor.

YAPP: George Albert: L/Cpl. #14461589. 1KSLI, KIA Korea 20th May 1951.  View the website dedicated to George by his son Clive (CLICK on the surname) and the Forgotten War Blog Page (hotlinked in RED).  Any contributions to the relevant history will be appreciated.  Contact with Clive via Editor or direct to the website linked to George's surname. Information and Contributions can be posted to our new Blog Page by others with a similar interest to be read and developed further and help in building the history.



The titling is hotlinked to our Blog Page for contribution of information and development of 'conversation' with others having interest in the Forgotten War in Korea 1950 - 1953

News Clips forwarded by Geoffrey Tremain (front row lhs) - transcription below

Reproduced from The West Briton and Royal Cornwall Gazette, April 23rd 1953

Major JA Tresawna, DSO., of 1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry, part of the Commonwealth Division has formed a "One and All" Club for Cornishmen in Korea. He writes "They are making a name for themselves there, as they have done all over the world, everyone is happy, cheerful and in great heart". The forty members of the One and All Club include Pte Dunstan of 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, Penryn.

Back Row: Cpl Bryan Whittaker, Falmouth: Pte Barry Bailey, Penzance: Pte George Sandy, St. Germains: Pte Richard Pascoe, Mullion: Pte Vernon Day, Luxulyan: Pte Peter Penna, Goonhavern: Pte Frank Tregilas, St. Austell:

Third Row: Pte Donald Semmens, St. Just: Pte Walter Kent, St. Merryn: L/Cpl Gordon Avery, Truro: Pte C Hodges, Mylor: Pte Claude Denford, Bude: Pte Kenneth Johns, Illogan Highway: Cpl Philip Bray, Newquay:

Second Row: Pte John Robbins, Grampound Road: Pte Henry Solomon, St. Agnes: Pte Donald McBurnie, Padstow: Major J.A. Tresawna, DSO, Probus: Pte Tamblyn Lane, Newquay: Pte Bernard Matthews, St. Mawgon: Pte Puddle Chapman, Lanlivery:

Front Row (L to R): Pte Geoffrey Tremain, Truro: Pte I Crabb, West Looe: Pte John Gardner, Saltash: Cpl Fred Whitford, Truro: Pte Derry Rawlings, Banwell Somerset:











Photo Left: Kindly donated by June Clark in connection with her Grand Father's (Arthur 'Joe' Cook) SLI Memorabilia circa 1925.  Inscription on rear of postcard photo reads " Private Pike, SLI, Winner of all India Boxing Welter Weight, Agra, India 1925".  We have invited June to subscribe more information about her Grand Father - Arthur (Joe) Cook in the hope that others will view the details and possibly connect to family members who served during this era.  2 additional photos below are part of the collection. Photo lower left (Joe Cook) taken in Belfast in 1922, before departure for India that year. Below lower right inscribed "F Vauthan". Click photos to enlarge the view.  Come on you SLI historians, any further clues?





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