Everyone is only responsible up to HTML lesson 4.  ALL STUDENTS SHOULD START SCRATCH LESSONS


Exploring Computer Science is a pilot program with the Connecticut State Department of Education. If I had one word to describe the Exploring Computer Science it would be, “Equity”. The course focuses on enabling all students regardless of race, gender or disability to gain skills in computer science  empowering them in the 21st century world.

The rigorous professional development centers around providing teachers with training in the pedagogical practices they will need to deliver and engage all students in this high relevant curriculum.

Students will gain experience in computational practices that can be applied to other courses in their educational careers.  Students learn to analyze design and implement creative solutions, apply abstractions, learn communication skills to share computational thought processes, procedures and results as they learn the soft skills necessary to collaborate with others.

Most people in America only know how to consume the technology but know nothing about how it actually works. Exploring Computer Science will give students a solid foundation in understanding the computer technology that has changed and will shape our world.

You can visit the Exploring Computer Science Website for More information

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