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Northshore Jazz Festival Results!
Congratulations Jazz Band! - 2nd Place / Division 1 Rating!
Congratulations Jazz Ensemble! - 3rd Place / Division 1 Rating!
Anthony C. - Solo Award!

Video of the Moment!

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This Year With the HMS Bands...
(updated 5/20/15)
  • The Wind Ensemble performed in the IGSMA Regional Organization Contest in March and received a Division 1 rating!  Then, the band went to the IGSMA State Contest and performed very well!

  • The Jazz Ensemble received a Division I rating and 3rd place at the Northshore Jazz Festival!  Also in January, they performed at the 2015 Illinois Music Education Conference in Peoria.  Then, in February, they received a Division 1 rating and 2nd place at Jazz in the Meadows, a day after going to the recording studio! In April, they presented the first-ever performance of Diamond Groove, written in memory of Corey Diamond.  They also were selected as one of three middle school bands in the entire country to receive a Downbeat Magazine Student Award in the Middle School Large Ensemble category! 

  • The Jazz Band received a Division I rating and 3rd Place at the Northshore Jazz Festival! They also received a Division 1 at IGSMA Jazz Contest in March!

  • Over 40 students between 6th, 7th, and 8th grades will participate in the District 21 Solo and Ensemble Festival.