HM Movie Night 19- When Friday the 13th Goes Bad

So we did an impromptu Movie Night on September 13th, 2013.  Lon's idea was "Let's do some bad ones!"

Ouch, it hurt.  On the upside, Vampy joined in and gave one heckuva broadside one-liner at him.  We'll call it even.
For now.

This was neat, various people kept popping in and out.  I could say something about Possum trying to find a "Skateboard but it's a Zombie Movie," and I just did.  Woot.

  • azathoth
  • Creature
  • Crispy
  • FloridaPossum
  • Golem
  • Lon 
  • Theli (yay 1st timer!)
  • Vampy
  • z3r0c00l, aka ZDog
  • (special appearance by the hamster dogs)

Movies (IMDB links, opens new window)-

Oy, they were some bad hoodoo. 

As usual, the podcasts have adult language not meant for youngin's or 5-legged sentient creatures.

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