HM Movie Night #11- Quirky Horror (and 11.5)

This was actually a two week event due to a variety of reasons.  'The Convent' was done the first weekend and 'Night of the Creeps' was done the following weekend.

[Also, I had to split the movies into 2 sites; the 'Night of the Creeps' link will take you to it's own site.]

Welcome to HM's 11th Movie Night- Quirky Horror!
We start off with a classic 1980's alien zombie film Night of the Creeps, followed up by the lesser know The Convent.

At this point, do I really need to warn you about the colorful language in the podcasts?  Yes?  OK, there is colorful language in the podcasts.

The Convent Podcast

Night of the Creeps Podcast Site
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