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Welcome to the webpage of the 11th Symposium on Hysteresis Modeling and Micromagnetics (HMM 2017) that will be celebrated at the University of Barcelona and organized by the Group of Magnetic Nanomaterials from Condensed Matter Physics Department and the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IN2UB). This will be the 11th in a series of medium format (around 100-130 participants) conferences devoted to hysteresis modeling and micromagnetics that were started in 1996 at the George Washington University Virginia by Prof. Edward Della Torre. The workshop will last 3 full days (May, 29th to 31st 2017) .

Continuing with the tradition of previous editions, the HMM Symposium has an interdisciplinary and international nature and is intended to be a forum for presentation and discussion of the most recent advancements in the fields of hysteresis modeling and computational micromagnetics. Although special emphasis will be made on magnetic hysteresis, there will be sessions in the program focused on universal aspects of hysteresis, independent of its origin.
HMMM aims to bring together scientists with a wide range of backgrounds (physicists, mathematicians, material scientists, engineers, etc) to exchange ideas, methods and ideas, and to present their most recent results.

The 11th HMM will have a three-day scientific program structured in different thematic sessions dedicated to topics of interest as detailed below, with no parallel sessions. We will invite some renowned scientists to give keynote talks and experts in different fields to give invited talks about subjects of their expertise. We will also accept contributed talks and posters.

The conference will cover contributions related (but not restricted) to the following topics:
  • Mathematical model of hysteresis.
  • Preisach, Jiles-Athertonand vector hysteresis modeling.
  • Classical and quantum spin models, random-field models and frustrated magnetism.
  • Novel developments in micromagnetics, coupling to other physical models.
  • Magnetic excitations.
  • Ab-initio, atomistic and multi-scale modeling.
  • Modeling of thermal effects in magnetism.
  • Modeling of magnetization dynamics and spintronics.
  • Modeling of individual magnetic nanostructures and their interactions.
  • Modeling of magnetic systems for technological and biomedical applications.
  • Experimental studies and model validation.
We welcome you to Barcelona hoping that your attendance to the conference will give you the opportunity to know the many touristic attractions of our city and the catalan culture.

Dr. Òscar Iglesias
General Chair of the HMMM 2017
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Program Committee:
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Abstract submission opening: 1 Feb. 2017
Abstract submission deadline: 7 March  28 Feb. 2017
Acceptance/Rejection confirmation:     27 Mar. 2017
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Conference registration opening:  8 March 2017
Reduced registration fee deadline:  7 April 2017  31 Mar. 2017
Conference registration deadline:  23 April 2017