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Level 2/3 language class review and hw (May 1, 2011)‏

posted May 2, 2011, 1:24 PM by Sanjay Mehrotra

Level 2 -
- Students learnt 4 new matras and learnt to build words - common words and also their names.
अ आ इ ई उ ऊ 
क का  कि की के कै  कु कू
का + का = काका
झ + ल + क = झलक
कु + ना + ल = कुनाल
त + वि + श = तविष
आ + र + य + न = आर्यन
HW is to write matras for all alphabets and bring to next class.
Level 3 -
Students learnt to build vocabulary with new words and sentence building as well.
Please ask students to complete the HW and bring to next class.
At this time all returning students and most new students should recognise and memorise all alphabets and matras.
If not, kindly ask them to practise.
Promila Kumar

Level 1 A/B language class review and hw (April 17, 2011)

posted May 2, 2011, 12:56 PM by Sanjay Mehrotra

The children practiced their presentations for the June 5th program.  We practiced the poems "Pyasa Kauwa", "Gol", "Machhali Jal ki Rani" and "Hathi Aaya". Disha and Nitika narrated the stories " Pyasa Kauwa" and "Chalak Bandar".
The kids were taught the "उ" and "ऊ" matras. I have attached the homework that needs to be completed and brought to next class.
As always it is required that consonants and vowels be practiced with the kids daily so it is easy for them as we progress ahead in class.
Sugandhi Iyer

Level 2/3 language class review & HW (April 17, 2011)

posted May 2, 2011, 12:53 PM by Sanjay Mehrotra

Dear parents/students,
Level 2 - students learnt and practised 4 of the vowels अ आ इ ई  and started to build letters. The hw is to write the corresponding matras from all alphabets क to ह 

example - क का  कि की
Please make sure that as they write, they should read aloud to get the pronunciation. Students should bring this hw in next class.
Level 3 - students read and translated the handout given in class. Hw is to translate the words/sentences in the handout in English. The work should be done in the notebook and brought in next class.
Promila Kumar

Level 1A/B Religion and Culture Class review (May 1, 2011)

posted May 2, 2011, 12:50 PM by Sanjay Mehrotra

Dear Parents

Please click the given link for the topics covered in children level 1 A/B and Photographs of Religion and Culture classes.

Lesson plan for tomorrow:
2.Chanting and meditate Om
3.Pranayam yog asan
4.Gayatri manta chanting (Om Bhur Bhuva.....)
6.Why do we light a lamp, have a prayer room, do namaste, prostrate before parents and elder, wear marks on the forehead?
7.9th Incarnation : Gautam Buddha, Buddha Jyanti/Poornima May 17th
8.Practice Bhakt Prahalad drama in class for 15 mins.

1.Fill in the blanks print out sheet is distributed.
2. Arrange and paste puzzle pieces on a plain white sheet and note the time in how many minutes you could do it.
3. Help your child to practice and understand the story of Bhakt Prahalad from the given sheet.

If there will be any confusion in Prahalad drama for graduation event, please contact me.

Thank you!
See you tomorrow.
With wishes and prayers.

Parina Mehrotra

Level 2/3 review and hw (class on 3rd April, 2011)‏

posted Apr 8, 2011, 11:19 AM by Sanjay Mehrotra

Dear parents/students,
1. Level 2 - the students read and familiarised with conversation about identified topics (file attached). They also practised the song 'lakdi ki kathi' with actions. The students also read and practised words with 4 letters/akshars. Please review this with them. At this point they should be recognising all letters. Next class we will learning the matras.
2. Level 3 - students should write about identified topics which should be like a paragraph/small essay (file attached). Students should read/memorisethe parts given to them (file attached). The whole exercise with the play/script is being able to read with modulations. 
Students should bring their essay written in next class.
Promila Kumar

Level 1 A/B Religion/Cultural Class (April 3)

posted Apr 8, 2011, 11:17 AM by Sanjay Mehrotra

Dear Parents,

How are you all doing? I hope children are enjoying their spring break.

(1) Click on given link to download all sunday school pictures:
If you find any problem to access this link...please inform me.

(2) I am sure your kids are excited to perform in the upcoming Sunday school Graduation celebration on June 5th. Level 1A/B Religion class all children will be performing Prahalad drama and chanting mantras. I will distribute the script to them in next session. I will also help them to practice in the class (last 15 mins of the class). Please help them practice at home also so that they can perform well.

Please give me the name of your child as soon as possible if he or she will attend or interested to perform.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Email me at Parina04@yahoo.com
Call me at 847 446 5272 or 847 501 0044

Thanks very much.

Parina Mehrotra

Level 1A/1B - Hindi Lessons covered on April 3rd Class ‏

posted Apr 8, 2011, 11:13 AM by Sanjay Mehrotra

Namaste ,
The children were taught 2 new poems. 
Hathi Aaya and Pyasa Kauwa(poem not story). I have attached both the poems with this email. We also revised the Matras "अ", "आ", "इ", "ई".
Homework is attached will this email as well. Children please bring finished homework to the next class.
Practice the vowels and consonants with the kids daily so it is easy for them to understand the maatras.
Please let me know if you have any questions,
sugandhi Iyer


Level 3 - Review and hw (class on 30th Jan., 2011)‏

posted Mar 18, 2011, 10:55 AM by Sanjay Mehrotra

Level 3 students - Kindly have the students review their hw and have them write atleast 5 questions and their answers on a new page (this is apart from what they did in class). Two printed sheets have been given to them; they should  read and learn and understand and be prepared for any answers related to the handouts.

Level 2 - Review and hw (class on 30th Jan. 2011)‏

posted Mar 18, 2011, 9:43 AM by Sanjay Mehrotra

Dear parents/students:
Level 2 students - Kindly review the hw given to students. They should write the 10 hindi words and their meaning in a new page; these words should be memorised. They should also review all alphabets learnt as yet.
We will expand on vocabulary to include 10 new words every class and build conversation and stories around it.
We will also begin enacting a dance- drama with the Hindi song  लकड़ी की काठी - काठी में घोडा. Kindly show this clip to kids (if possible prior to next class on Sunday)

Level 1 - Hindi Lesson Jan 30, 2011‏

posted Mar 18, 2011, 9:41 AM by Sanjay Mehrotra

Dear Parents,
Given below are 2 poems that were taught on Jan 30th to students Level 1A and 1B. Please review with them. They will be asked to recite next class.
१) मछली जल की रानी है 
मछली जल की रानी है
जीवन उसका पानी है     
हाथ लगाओ तो डर जाएगी 
बाहर निकालो तो मर जाएगी
Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai Nursery Rhyme (Hindi)
Machli jal ki rani hai
Jeevan uska paani hai
Haath lagao tho dar jayegi
Bahar nikaalo tho mar jayegi
Nursery Rhyme(English meaning)
The queen of the water is fish,
And water is her life,
If you touch her she will get frightened,
If you take her out of the water, she will die.
२) गोल (round shape)
चंदा मामा गोल है
मम्मी की बिंदी गोल है
मम्मी की रोटी गोल है
पापा के पैसे गोल है
दादा जी का चश्मा गोल है
दादी जी के लड्डू गोल है
साइकिल का पहिया गोल है
साडी दुनिया गोल है
Nursery Rhyme (Hindi)
Chanda mama gol hai
Mummy ki bhindi gol hai
Mummy ki Roti gol hai
Papa ke paise gol hai
Dadaji ka chashma gol hai
Dadiji ke ladoo gol hai
Cycle ka paiya gol hai
Sari duniya gol hai
Nursery Rhyme (English meaning)
Moon is round in shape
Mummy's bindhi is round in shape
Mummy's roti is round in shape
Papa's coins are round in shape
Grandpa's glasses are round in shape
Grandma's ladoos are round in shape
Wheels of cycle are round in shape
Whole world is round

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