AHAR time!!! (Annual Homelessness Assessment Report)
Every year about this time the HMIS team starts compiling the details of the CoC wide AHAR report. Our first draft is due the beginning of November. What does this mean for you? To make this as easy as possible please be up to date on all data entry and make all data corrections prior to October 30th, 2015. We may be contacting you for additional information or missing information. This report measures our entire CoC and we all must work together to get the most complete report! If you run a shelter, supportive housing or transitional housing program, your program data is critical to the outcome of this report and our entire CoC is affected by the quality of the data submitted through the AHAR. Thank you all for working so diligently on maintaining the highest standard of data!

New HUD Universal Data Elements as of 10/1/15
HUD issued a few data field changes effective 10/1/15 including the addition of the following questions;
  • Client entering from the streets, ES or SH? (ES=Emergency Shelter, SH=Supportive Housing)
  • If Yes for "Client entering from streets, ES or SH" Approximate date started
  • Regardless of where they stayed last night - Number of times the client has been on the streets, in ES, or SH in the past three years including today
  • Total number of months homeless on the street, in ES or SH in the past three years
  • If yes for domestic violence victim/survivor, are you currently fleeing?

You will see these new data fields in the database as well as on the updated data capture tools located on tab 5 of this site.

All clients in or entering a program on or after 10/1/2015 need to have the above additional responses to these questions recorded in HMIS and backdated appropriately.

Change in sharing client information in HMIS
This year our system turned off the ROI (Release of Information) function of the database. This means that now you must lock each individual record for a client not willing to share their information in HMIS, simply entering an ROI and selecting "no", permission was not granted for this client to share info, is not enough to keep their record and information locked. You must do a mass visibility update for the client record and adjust the closed and open lock icons throughout the system. refer to the diagram below