Welcome/Benvenuti !

Welcome to Ferrux' building log of His Majesty's Cutter "Lady Nelson".

My build is based on Chris Watton's Amati/Victory Models nice and accurate plans. I love these plans, so neat, informative and intrinsecally beautiful.

The approach will be semi-scratch: I'll make bulkheads and the other structural wood from scratch and I'll buy ready made planks according to the plans item list.
For deck fittings and masts I'll try to build the most part by myself, buying all the pieces that I can't reasonabily build due to lack of tools and experience (cannons, for example).

Benvenuti sul sito!
La mia autocostruzione si basa sui pianiAmati/Victory Models.
Il sito nasce in inglese, che è anche la lingua della maggioranza delle fonti con cui lavoro. Sto traducendo le parti essenziali.

Buona navigazione!

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