SnowWhite is an experimental freeciv 2.3 single player start scenario in the style of the tutorial, i.e., there is no predefined static map, and you can pick any nation, ruleset, or tileset you like.

SnowWhite and her seven dwarves, instead of five players (you and four AIs) there will be eight players (you and seven AIs) on a map without borders. Differences from the classic defaults:

  1. 81×81 instead of 64×64 tiles with a map size defined by the number of tiles. The default 4,000 matches 4096=64×64 close enough, but 6561=81×81 can't match 6,000 or 7,000.
  2. Random map generator, not too hard as the fractal generator, but also not too easy (boring) as the island generator.
  3. WRAPX|WRAPY topology, I think that's an egg or ball, not really a donut, as stated in the freeciv manuals. The default WRAPX topology with map borders at the northern and southern poles is ugly, and WRAPY alone would be not better.
  4. Eight AIs instead of five populate the 60% (8/5) bigger map, including the one AI taken by you as single player. 80 instead of 50 huts to keep the default number of ten huts per player.
  5. Initially normal instead of novice AI kills. You can adjust this per AI or globally as you like it, check out server commands /help normal, /help hard, etc., on the chat page, or use the AI skill client settings before you start the game.
  6. No separate poles as in the default topology, for a map without borders poles can be parts of the normal continents. Tiny 1×1 isles are cute, if you ever get a tiny island as start position restart the game.
  7. Airlift from and to allies can be also interesting.

The native nation ruleset is documented on the wiki, it has to be activated by adding it to the data/default/nations.ruleset or similar. The main idea is that I don't really care which nation I get, but I want some recognizable (Latin script, remotely English) city names without manual intervention for each new city. And while at it I want more female than male leaders with decent titles.

Frank Ellermann,
23 Sep 2014, 06:05
Frank Ellermann,
21 Feb 2013, 08:05