Great night everyone!  We actually went to 5 movies, so the first 3 movies' podcasts are here, and you can find the last two films' podcasts (Mirage and Wheels of Terror) over here-

HM Movie Night 17.5- Wheels of Death Part 2

The podcasts contain adult language not suitable for young children or squid from the Crab Nebula.

The Car Podcast

Duel Podcast

Race With the Devil Podcast

I'd like to thank all of our participants for a very fun evening, even though I did manage to snore on them half way through Duel (my apologies).

They were:

Ace (the idea man for this night)
Azzy (me)
Vampy (kind of)

And PyroPiranha and Raven may have been around for a bit when I was in my sleepy stage.