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tcupHUD pre release

tcupHUD by topher

The goal is to create a cleaner looking hud, basically the default hud without animations and other stuff it doesn't need.

Hopefully I don't drift away from the goal, so far in this early version, I have added some stuff I like, but isn't needed. // TODO: fix that.

Less animations!
Better looking loading screens.
Cleaner looking menus.
Cleaner looking hud.
Team counter added.
Players moved to the bottom.

Fix stuff.
Add whatever you want.

Stuff to do:
The win panel.
Fix GunGame hud.
Align stuff that isn't perfectly center.
Make sure hudplayercounttime isn't buggy or anything.
Fix RandomTime to only display when the bomb is planted.
Fix Avatars for maps that only have 1 team.
The buy menu.
Add many versions of hudplayercounttime