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"The idea came from the former LOCHERgui in CS:S, where he summed up all information available
below the crosshair for easier eyemovement as well as better and faster focus on what is important.
The technical changes were done by spddl, who spent a lot of afford in reaching this fabulous combination
of style and functionality." -Beta user


(click on the images for fullsize)

-Centered whole information below crosshair
-Moved stuff like buyzone, defuser/bomb, planted bomb around the
radar, allow having a lot of information in a very small area of your fov
-Small dots below roundtime/score allow to easy find out how many opponents
are still alive and how is the status of your team. The left side shows the ct-team, the
right the terrorists (white = alive ; black = dead)

-White radar overlay for better fit into the design
-White/grey/black color scheme
-Black bar underneath health, armor, money and ammunition for
better visibility on every background
-Shiny roundtime, which turns red and shiny when time runs out
-White inventory for better fit into the design

-Removed the fog from the background for better performance
-Removed UpdateNews for a clearer overall look
-Moved the MainMenu to the left and changed font of the playername
-Added a nice and clean background
-Improved the PauseMenu for better functionality, for example a quick
quitting of the game by pressing "Exit"

-Minimized the size of the defusebar to lower the space it takes on the screen
-Improved design of defusebar and made the numbers shine
-Included the notification in the overall design and removed background

-Updated the teamchoice menu, to have the map in behind
instead of a boring wallpaper
-Changed the Font of the teamchoice menu
-Fixed a bug where votes are not displayed in valve matchmaking
-Put health and ammo above armor and money for better visibility

-Increased thickness of fonts around the radar for better visibility
as requested by so many of you
-Changed color of playerdots to blue and red for better identification
of teamcount
-Adepted size of roundtime and roundscore
-Changed deathnotice for better fit into the concept
-Added brand new spectator hud in a nice minimalistic style

-Changed Mainmenu due to the old one being destroyed
by the latest CS:GO update
-Fixed a bug in the spectatorhud
-Fixed a bug where the defusebar was in the radar
-Improved visibility of status alert
-Improved visibility of roundscore
-Added pause menu with an auto-demorecord button
-Added requested possibility of changing the fonts
around the radar either being bold or thin (mit fonts folder)
-Added requested possibility of displaying healthpoints
of teammates underneath the dots (mit hp folder)

So that's it. I hope you enjoy this gui, if you have any bugs, advices or feedback
-feel free to contact us!