Healthy Buttercream Frosting

Recipe by Lauren at Healthy Indulgences
Adapted by Healthy Living How To

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Frosts: 12 Cupcakes or 9" Inch Layer Cake


For Basic Buttercream
For Chocolate Buttercream Add
1. Powder erythritol by placing granules in a coffee grinder, Magic Bullet or other high-powered blender and pulsing until it resembles powdered sugar.
2. With a rubber spatula, gently mix powdered erythritol and stevia with shortening or butter, once incorporated, use electric mixer to fluff.
3. Add coconut milk, vanilla & sea salt, and mix again.
4. If making chocolate buttercream, a little at a time, add cocoa powder, first mixing with spatula and then mixing with electric mixer.
5. Once all cocoa has been added and incorporated, mix on high for 30 seconds or so to fluff it up.