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Whats The Use Of School Uniforms?

    Do you see a point in school uniforms? Well I do. I believe the point in school uniforms is to have everyone on the same level. So no one can say anyone’s better or has more money then someone because the clothes there wear. I think uniform was a good idea. There are some things I don’t agree on and many people that I have talked to disagree also. One of the things I so should be ok is girls not only wearing khaki pants but also being able to wear black also. I believe that for the simple fact that girls get their woman friend every month and if anything happens unexpected you would be able to see thru the khaki pants. It would be much harder to see thru the black pants. One other thing is if girls are able to wear shorts, skirts, and jumpers boys should be able to wear cargos or shorts. Girls have a lot more lenience then the boys and everything should be fair. I see it this way. You can look up girl’s skirts and jumpers you can’t look up boy’s cargos so I don’t see why they can’t wear them. If anything girls shouldn’t be able to wear skirts. Just like girls boys get supper hot as well. They should at less be able to wear cargos between the months of March, April, May, and June. In the winter I see girls coming to school in shorts and leggings under. That is very inappropriate. Besides that I believe the uniforms are ok they just need a little arrangements.  To see the school uniform standards you may go to http://www.lawrence.k12.ma.us/pdfs/HSUniformStandards-English.pdf