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how to become a good boxer

   Mark Rodriguez

                                                    how to become a good boxer

    if you wanted to become a good boxer its going to take a little work. its going to take lots of  requires and tough athlete. you goat be on you brim and work hard for what you want to become and good boxer.  if your not fit your not going to last in the ring not for even 2 or 3 min and you need to be longer then that so you could win the match. if your running out of breath at the first round that means your not fit and you have to work on that if you wont to win.after you learn a couple thing like technique like going to the gym that offers boxing instruction and if you want you could hire a coach that could help you on essential technique. after a couple months your ready to become a better boxer to get into a tournament and if you are confident that you can knock some one your own size out then you got it








BY Mark Rodriguez