Comments by our wonderful customers

"Hard Labor Creek Blueberry Farm is a wonderful farm and I really don't believe that I will ever go to any other. I have grown blueberries before in my home garden, so I really appreciated the fact that they listed the varieties available at their farm. Once there it was a totally pleasant experience. The rows were mowed neatly down and in between- That made so there were a lot less bugs and especially many less ant hills to potentially step into. There were virtually no mosquitoes-and the owner said he believed that was due to the fact that they have a lot of purple martins (since they put up purple martin houses!) They also provided buckets and plastic bags. It was just a real nice experience. There were at least 20 cars and people were not running into each other in the rows--blueberries were beyond plentiful. Children were running up and down the rows squealing with delight. It was a really nice place. Should I say really again? They should get an A***, plus the husband/wife team were very nice, sincere people." (posted on

Read this LiveJournal post from a customer who grew up picking at Hard Labor Creek.

See this video of one of our customers' experience at the farm.

Here's Jennie Lazarus's blog telling about her trip to our farm (


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