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Sewin is a traditional Welsh recipe for a classic dish of sewin (sea trout) that's cleaned, salted and packed with herbs before being oven baked. Sewin is the Welsh sea trout. The flesh is pink and salmon like and on the coast of Cardigan Bay this is often the first choice for the main course for a St David's day meal.



1 large sewin (try Carmarthen or Swansea Market for really fresh fish)

 Bunch of fresh dill, fennel or other garden herbs such as sorrel, lemon balm or parsley



 Sea Salt


  • Leave the sewin whole and simply gut it and wash well. 
  • Rub the fish with salt inside and out
  • Fill the inside of the fish with the dill or other fresh herbs and one or two sliced of lemon, to your taste.
  • Bake in a medium hot oven for 30 minutes. 

Serve the cooked sewin on a large, warmed serving platter - decorate with lemon slices and serve with new potatoes, peas, broad beans and baby carrots.

You can also serve this cold - delicious with a mixed green salad