About RASE Pedagogical Model

RASE (Resources – Activity – Support – Evaluation) is a pedagogical model developed to support teachers to use Moodle in effective, student-centered and engaging way to achieve intended learning outcomes in their courses.


Central idea behind RASE is that content RESOURCES are not sufficient for full achievement of learning outcomes. We also need to plan:

  • ACTIVITY for students to engaged in using resources,
  • SUPPORT to ensure that students are provided help and tools to independently solve emerging difficulties, and
  • EVALUATION to inform about students' progress and serve us as tool to understand what else we need to do in other to ensure that learning outcomes are being achieved.

The figure bellow is a visual representation and a summary of the model. Pay attention to all of its components and think of ways how these can be integrated in holistic learning unit in your curriculum delivery.


In this workshop, we will explore each of these components in more details.

| Resources || Activity || Support || Evaluation || Putting it Together |