Special Interest Groups


The Hong Kong Society of Behavioral Health (HKSBH) is an interdisciplinary organization for professionals with an interest in behavioral health. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are formal organizational units established under HKSBH to offer registered members with similar professional interests the opportunity to increase interaction, exchange research ideas, collaborate together and be informed of current developments in their field of interest. SIG membership is only open to HKSBH registered members. The name of each SIG reflects the common interest that the members of the group share. Hence SIGs are flexible and responsive to new, emerging developments in the field.


  • E-health
  • Addiction
  • Physical Activity

Functions of a SIG

The functions of a SIG are to provide an active platform for:

  1. sharing information;
  2. fostering research collaboration;
  3. recommending activities (e.g., seminar, training courses) to the Scientific Committee of the Society and the Organizing Committee;
  4. linking a SIG under the HKSBH to the relevant SIG of the International Society of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM).

Meetings are entirely optional and are subject to the decision of the members of a SIG. The withdrawal of a member from a SIG can be made at any time after a notification is sent to the Convenor.

Joining an established SIG

All registered members of the Society can join a SIG by sending a request to the Convenor of the SIG and copying the request to the Honorary Secretary. Non-members are welcome to join after registration with the Society. If you are interested to join any SIG, please email us at sig.hksocbh@gmail.com

Proposing a new SIG

Any member of HKSBH may propose a new SIG. Individuals who propose to establish a new SIG should express their interest to the President by sending a letter outlining the title of their proposed SIG and a brief description of the intent and focus of the proposed SIG. The name and description of the SIG should be specific enough for potential members to make educated judgments about whether or not to join the proposed SIG. In addition, the proposed SIG including its name and description should be consistent with HKSBH’s mission and purpose and clearly distinct from other SIGs. The establishment of a new SIG is subject to the President’s approval. An invitation to HKSBH’s general membership will be sent via mass email to recruit members for the newly established SIG.

The criteria below should be met when the SIG is formally established:

  1. A title and a mission statement/purpose for the proposed SIG have been developed. The title and the mission statement do not overlap with those of any existing SIG;
  2. A minimum of 4 persons, all of whom are current HKSBH members and from at least two or more disciplines, express their interest in joining the new SIG. Among the group members, one is the Convenor of the proposed SIG;
  3. The membership list of the SIG is to be updated annually;
  4. The SIG will be available for all registered members of the society to join.

Accountabilities of a SIG

The SIG is established under HKSBH to serve subsets of the Society’s members by increasing communication among those with a specified common interest. Hence SIGs are accountable to their members. By virtue of the fact that SIGs are associated with HKSBH due to its establishment, SIGs are also accountable to the Society.

Responsibilities included:

  1. All the activities organised by the SIGs should be compatible with the aims, purposes, mission and practices of HKSBH;
  2. The Convenor is required to complete a very simple activity form and submit it to the President of the Society annually;
  3. Organizers of any external activities, including, but not limited to, symposium, conference organized by the SIG should inform and obtain prior approval from the President;
  4. SIGs cannot grant any certification or licensing to its members.