The Evolution of HKSEC

The link between HKSEC’s founding directors Patrick O’Kane (Head of English at Morrison’s Academy, Crieff) and Nigel Fong (Company Director of Swiss-Sure) goes back more than twenty years. When Patrick, a keen athlete, began teaching at Morrison’s Academy in 1991, he regularly organised cross-country runs for the boarders at weekends. One of these boarders was a young Nigel Fong, who grew to have a love of running and walking himself. From this initial contact, a friendship has developed over the years to the point that Nigel has been keen to ‘put something back’ not only into his old school, Morrison’s Academy, but into Scottish and Hong Kong education in general.

The first fruition of this ambition was the October 2011 Morrison’s Academy trip to Hong Kong when Patrick took a team of pupils to compete in the Raleigh Wilson Trail, a 78km trail race going from Hong Kong island to The New Territories. Nigel helped to fund and organise the highly successful trip which not only saw the team win the Corporate Relay event but also enjoyed, amongst many cultural and educational experiences, a visit to Nigel’s home town school - Fat Ho Memorial College in Tai O - a visit to The Po Lin Monastery and a tour of one of the Fire Boats in Hong Kong Harbour.

As a consequence of this wonderful trip, Patrick and Nigel thought that it would be a good idea to develop this link further. Nigel suggested that Morrison’s Academy (an independent school in Perthshire) and the local state secondary, Crieff High, should team up for the next Wilson Trail race in October 2012. This is currently being organised. However, Patrick and Nigel’s ambitions for the Scotland/Hong Kong Connection go wider than the town of Crieff.

Having contacted Judith McClure, the founder of SCEN (Scottish China Education Network), Patrick and Nigel found an inspirational figure who was dynamic in her enthusiasm for developing this link. Within a very short space of time, Judith helped launch the Hong Kong Scotland Education Connection and, through her extensive list of contacts, HKSEC is now making connections happen. (See News)