* A Visit to Redsun

& RP3100 Photos


On September 29, 2007, a group of Hong Kong and Shenzhen radio hobbyists visited the Redsun Electronics Company Ltd.  Redsun Company is located at Dongguan, Guandong, China. 


Gathering point at Caitian Raod, Shenzhen:

The lady in uniform helped us to take the group picture above.

We were greeted with may radios when we entered the reception room of the The Redsun Electronics Company, Ltd.

The mass production of the Redsun RP3100 will not be forthcoming soon, at least not within this year, as Redsun is busy producing other OEM radios such as the white Toshiba brand radio (see above picture) for export.   

Export version of the RP3100 radio with labels in English.

One of our visitors was very angry with this white model that delayed the mass production of the Redsun RP3100. 


Mr. D.P. Zeng (middle in the photo), is the engineer and designer of the Redsun RP2100 and  RP3100 models.


A young radio hobbyist! 

The factory visit:

Office inside the factory!

We had lunch at a nearby restaurant in Dongguan:

Cantonese dishes were served.

Many thanks to Redsun Electronics Company Ltd. for this splendid lunch.

Group photo taken inside the restaurant.



Each visitor was given a Redsun RD1220 radio as a souvenir for this visit.  Thanks toRedsun for its hospitality and generousity.