A $5 12-Band Radio

bought from the Cat Street


The first radio introduced in this "Radio Photofacts" series is the "International GE-339 12-band radio:

  This radio was manufactured by the Shenzhen Fenghua Electronics Company. I got it for $5 (US) in a radio shop at the Cat Street in Guangzhou, China. This is radio was the last set available at that shop. It was a display for testing radio there and was 7/10 mint.

Particulars of this model are as follows:

Dimensions: 310x 15 x 9 cm
MW: 530 – 1605 KHz
FM: 88 – 108 MHz
LW: 150 – 280 KHz
SW: 150 – 5.8 – 26 MHz (1-9)
Power: AC110/220V, DC 7.5V (5 x UM-1)


1.Good and powerful sound, the tone control is very effective, could be set to listening different type of radio programs;

2. Sensitivity is very good, especially in the FM band;

3. Can be used with AC, saves money in buying batteries;

4. Low noise floor, when tuning in the SW bnad.


1. SW Selectivity is not very good, the radio could only listen to strong signal short wave stations.

2. No antenna socket for external antenna. The radio overloads when the wire of the external antenna is placed near the whip antenna of this radio.

3. Cosmetic condition is not too good, there are some scratches on the plastic dial.

Note: As my radio collections grow larger and larger, I am making records of part of my collection by writing some notes and by taking some photos for the records and published here as Radio Photofacts series.These should not be considered as radio reviews, rather, just some basic information on some classical radios.I do this basically to amuse myself, I will be delighted also if you also find these records interesting.Your comments and suggestions are very welcome, thank you for reading.


Performance : ***
Performance/Price Ratio :****

***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Fair
** Not very good
* Poor

November 12, 2001