The packaging box of the GRUNDIG YB400PE is printed with two colors: black and silver. A bit simple but these two colors match very well in this packaging box.

I bought this GRUNDIG YB400PE in with the help of my relative. He visited the US sometime agao and bought this radio there. I got it when he came back to Hong kong. The full set including the original 110V./9V. AC adaptor、manual、pouch、wire antenna、stereo earphone and the radio costed $180。I had to buy this radio in the US because it was not then available in Hong Kong. The radio that is selling now in Hong Kong is the black color version of the Grundig YB400. The silver color version of the Grunding YB400PE was not yet available in Hong Kong.


Dimensions: 180 x 120 x 37 mm
LW: 144 – 351 KHz
MW: 520 – 1710 KHz
FM: 87.5 – 108 MHz
SW: 1.711 – 30 MHz (continuous)
Power: DC 9V - external AC adaptor or Size AA battery x 6

There are 40 memories in this radio, you can fast search the memories as well as the radio stations. The search stops upon searching a fair signal radio station. Two clocks and alarms function. A meter shows 0 - 5 signal strength.

The YB400 first appeaed on the market in 1994. It was rated as the best portable SW radio of 1994 by WRTH, rated as a 5-Star Radio by Radio Netherlands, and one of the best portable SW radios in 1994 by Passport.

The silver color version of the YB400PE first appeared in North America in 1998. PE stands for Professional Edition. The major differences between the YB400PE and the YB400 are 1) The YB400PE is silver in color while the YB400 is black in color, and 2) The YB400PE comes with a 110V. / 9V. AC adaptor while the YB400 does not have the AC adaptor. Other specifications of these two models are the same.

Although both the Grundig YB400PE and the Satellit 800 MILLENNIUM were made in Dongguan, China, it seems that the Grundig YB400PE receives more positive reviews outside of China than the Satellit 800 Millennium

1. 40 memory pre-sets, with fast search function,

2. Auto scan for radio stations, stop search when a radio signal is found,

3. Direct input of radio frequency across all bands, no need to set the band prior to the direct input,

4. Two clocks with alram function, one of the clock is always on display on the LCD panel,

5. With 0-5 five steps signal strength display,

6. SSB reception possible,

7. With backlight for operation in the dark,

8. High sensitivity, what my HAM 2000 (Satellit 800) receives, the YB400PE also receives,

9. Dual conversion for SW,

10. Can receive FM stereo programs using the stereo headphone,

11. Grundig radios is reknown for it sound quality, this model is no exception,

12. Audio output is more powerful than radios of this class, it uses a 1.5W loudspeaker,

13. Good selectivity, passband is 5.5 kHz 及 3 kHz,

14. Phase-lock-loop tuning)

15. Tuning steps are:SW 1khz/5khz ; MW 1khz/9khz/10khz; LW 1khz/9khz

16. With treble/bass sound control, and DX / Local reception control.

1. No sychronous detection

2. The provided AC adaptor is for 110V. only. Not suitable to Hong Kong where AC standard is 220V. An extra step down AC transformer from 220V. to 110V. had to be used with the orignal AC adaptor in order to avoid damages to the AC adaptor and to the radio.


Performance : *****
Price/Performance Radio:****

***** Excellent

**** Good

*** Fair

** Not very good


Note: As my radio collections grow larger and larger, I am making records of part of my collection by writing some notes and by taking some photos for the records and published here as Radio Photofacts series.These should not be considered as radio reviews, rather, just some basic information on some classical radios.I do this basically to amuse myself, I will be delighted also if you also find these records interesting.Your comments and suggestions are very welcome, thank you for reading.