The Red Lantern 711-3 is a very popular radio in China. It was massively produced during 1960's up to the mid-1980's. It is a 6-tube radio using 6A2, 6K4, 6N2, 6P1, 6E2 and 6Z4 tubes.

Radio was considered as one of the must for a comfortable family in the 1960's in China. This Red Lantern is a budget price radio and was a best seller. MW is from 550 – 1600 KHz,SW is 6-18 MHz.

  Although the Red Lantern 711-3 tube radio was very old, my set was relatively mint and clean:

Old tube radio seems to be very clumsy, but is convenient for repairs.


1. The design looks nice,

2. With separate controls for bass and treble, it is very easy to adjust the sound to your favourite taste,

3. Uses a 6.5 inch oval speaker,rich in sound with very good bass,

4. With a pick up socket for paying records,

5. Has a tuning tube for tuning convenience.


1. No FM band, this was common with Chinese made tube radios. Only one or two Chinese made tube radio models have the FM band. China started FM broadcasts very late. When FM broadcast was becoming popular in China, no more tube radios were produced.

2. Wringles appears on the top of the wooden radio case

I connected the FM audio output a Sanyo AM/FM clock radio to the PU socket of the Red Lantern tube rado, the radio can now also receive and play back FM radio stations.

Inside the bed room, there was an old radio, playing all the old songs, memories were made of these.....

One day when we were young,
One beautiful morning in May,
You told me, you loved me,
When we were young one day.

Sweet songs of Spring were sung,
And music was never so gay,
You told me, you loved me,
When we were young one day.

You told me, you loved me,
And held me close to your heart,
We laughed then, We danced then,
Then came the time to part.

When songs of Spring are sung,
Remember that morning in May,
You told me, you loved me,
When we were young one day.


Performance : ***
Price / Performance Ratio : ***

***** Excellent

**** Good

*** Fair

** Not very good


Note: As my radio collections grow larger and larger, I am making records of part of my collection by writing some notes and by taking some photos for the records and published here as Radio Photofacts series.These should not be considered as radio reviews, rather, just some basic information on some classical radios.I do this basically to amuse myself, I will be delighted also if you also find these records interesting.Your comments and suggestions are very welcome, thank you for reading.

November 26, 2001