The Sony ICF-7600DS is made by SONY in 1987.  It is part of the Sony 7600 series, other models included in this series are the ICF-7600G and the ICF-7600GR.


I bought this radio second hand from Apliu Street, Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong at HK$850.


  Inside the radio are some finger prints and rusts.



After testing, I was satisfied with its performance such as good sensitivity, good selectivity, normal sound.  This set was quite similar to the 7600G and 7600GR in both appearance and performance.


When compared to the 7600G or 7600 GR, the following differences were noted:

1. No sychronous detection in the 7600DS.

2. No 1 KHz. step in the 7600DS,only with 5 KHz. steps,but fine tuning in the 7600DS could be used in listening shortwave broadcasting.


3. The clock and the memory of the 7600DS uses independent power source (2 x AA size battery).  Another 4 x AA size battery are used in the 7600DS for receiving broadcasts, as in the picture below:


  In my opionion, the quality of sound and the volume of sound  of the Sony 7600 series were not as good as the GRUNDIG YB400PE.  Most sets of the 7600 series will vibrate and distort when turned on to a high volume level.  This did not came to me as a surprise as the little speaker inside the 7600 series was for 0.5 W power output only.