* Knowing the SONY ICF-2010, ICF-2001D, ICF-2001!


The Sony ICF-2010, 2001D and 2001 models seem to be very confusing. Many people could not distinguish the differences of these 3 models. It is hoped that after reading the article below, you will have a better understanding of these 3 radio models better.

Group picture of the Sony 2010, 2001D and 2001 radios.
The ICF-2001 is seen on the bottom right of the picture above. This is a dual conversion radio produced between 1980 to 1983. Frequency is from 150 to 29999 KHz., with SSB and 6 memory pre-sets.。

The ICF-2001D is at the top-left of the picture above, while the ICF-2010 is at the bottom-left of the same picture. These two radios are exactly the same except for the model number, but these two models are not the sams as the ICF-2001 (bottom-right)

The ICF-2001D and the ICF-2010 has synchronous detection, 32 memory pre-sets. Air band from 116-136 MHz. Is also available.

The ICF-2010 is the US version for sale in the USA and Canada.  While the ICF-2001D is the non-US version for sale outside of North America.  These two models were on sale since 1985, it was not until 17 years later that Sony stopped production of the ICF-2010 and ICF-2001D.  These two models were not only flagships of Sony, but also the best sellers of Sony that enjoyed the longest sales period in the history of all Sony radios.

When the ICF-2001 was first released, it was sold at around HK$2000, second hand radios were sold at around HK$600 to $800, depending on cosmetic conditions and performance.

The new set of the ICF-2010 or ICF-2001D were sold at around HK$3000 to HK$4000 when they were available on the market.  Second hand radios were sold at around HK$2500 - HK$4000 depending on performance and cosmetic conditions.  But sometimes, some second hand ICF-2010 or ICF-2001D may sell at a higher price (see below).

Sony had stopped production of all these three models.  Brand new radio with sealed package would be very difficult to obtain.  So, when buying second had radios of these 3 models, be sure that you buy the right model.

In addition, listening to Air Band was illegal in Saudia Arabia.  Some Sony ICF-2001D models that were shipped to Saudia Arabia were without the Air Band.  So if you are interested in listening to Air Band conversations and broadcasts, be sure that you are buying the second hand ICF-2001D with the Air Band.

However, like the Grundig Satellit 700, second hand ICF-2001D or ICF2010 may sell at a price higher than the original new sales price, if the full package was like new.  For example, a New In Box ICF-2010 were sold for more than $700 at eBay in April 2005: