My Favorite Links For Teaching Reading in Hong Kong


"A child has no great wish to perfect himself in the use of an instrument of torture, but make it a means to his pleasure, and soon you will not be able to keep him from it."
                           Daniel Pennac


Rebuilding Our Word-planet  - This is a gaming site, software also available, that is the best I've seen for allowing children, with learning difficulties,  to practice  the most important reading skills in a systematic way .  The games teach alphabet knowledge, phonics and some phonemic awareness skills.  If you get the online version, all students will get their own account. The teacher can then assign weekly homework and analyze how the students are doing.  To get this in your school you'll have to contact the teacher in charge of computers at your school or the Special Eduction Support Team at the EDB.

BBC Bitesize Reading Games - Great site, with amazing graphics, for students to practice some phonics, phonological awareness and phonemic awareness skills.

Storyline Online -  Who wouldn't want James Earl Jones reading them a story with awesome animation? This site is second to none on the web.

Starfall - A perennial favorite that students keep coming back to.  The games here allow students  to practice the most important reading skills.

PBS Kids - Too many characters on this site to mention them all.  The website  well worth a visit for all the reading skills and alphabet games. Although you do have to sift through a few nonsense games to get the good stuff.

My Site - I've leveled the links  with colours so that students can easily find the game or online book that is just right for them.

-  Sign up for an account with their Hong Kong office.  With a few clicks you too will have boxes and boxes of books arriving at your school door step in a weeks time for prices cheaper than page one or any other HK bookseller.   Since there are no proper bookshops in my area this service has been amazing for promoting home reading.

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PLP-R/W - We've uploaded all the books, with audio,  to our school website so that parents and children can read online at home.


iTunes U:


PNET Resource Links for Teachers  -  Great collection of useful links.  Check here first before you do a search on google.

International Reading Association - One of my favorite sources for  research and information about reading. Also, check out their podcasts on iTunes.

ReadWriteThink - Also affiliated with IRA, this site offers some excellent resources for teaching in the classroom. Well worth checking out when you are planning a lesson. They also won a Webby Award.

Google Groups -


Remedial Instruction:

Rebuilding Our Word-planet - Allows systematic controlled teaching for children with specific learning difficulties. Doesn't get much
better than this for remedial work

Starfall - A less systematic approach, but very effective way for children to practice their reading skills.

Fun Fonix -  The workbooks available on this site, with adaption, and sound planning can be an excellent tool for teaching phonics and phonemic awareness skills in a remedial class.

Classroom Instruction:

Epals - Amod introduced this site during the workshop. For finding penpals  in a safe teacher monitored  environment no other site on the web comes close. Your students will write with a purpose and safely  make friends around the world . 

The Elephant Song - P1 and P2 love this. It's a good hook.


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