Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate
Official Web Site of H.H. Pope Shenouda III

Coptic Orthodox Church Resources (The Agpeya - Coptic Orthodox Prayer Book of Hours - online and in various formats for download)

Coptic Orphans -- (Blessed Christian aid given of our Church to needy children and their families in Egypt)

Coptic Orthodox Church Network (Introduction to the Coptic Church, lives of saints, theology, patrology, Coptic calendar, hymns, Liturgy, sermons, Arabic/English Bible, Coptic fonts, daily readings, Coptic church directory, and more)

Coptic Orthodox Electronic Publishing Australia (COePA) (Downloads:Bookscommentaries, liturgical, sacraments, spirituality, saints, monasticism, Christian living, doctrine, history, Coptic dictionary and Coptic lessons, childrens books -- AudiosRagheb Moftah's Collection: the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil, the Holy Pascha, the Holy Psalmody, the Great Lent, Palm Sunday, Bright Saturday, Feast of the Resurrection | Products for Ordering: The Christian Orthodox e-Reference Library CD Set, An Altar to the Lord Multimedia CD Set, The Holy Psalmody CD Set and Book, The Holy Pascha CD Set, and more)

Coptic Orthodox Hymns and Music -- St. Mercurious & St. Abraam Church, Torrance, California (Coptic hymns, Coptic fonts, and more to come)

Coptic (Coptic forums, articles, hymnology, prayers, photos, Icons, and more) (Liturgies, hymnology, praises, songs, sermons, videos, live broadcasts; theology, patrology, Coptic calendar, lives of saints, daily readings, English/Arabic Bible; lessons, articles, forums, and more)

Coptic, Christian, and Other Resources
Christian Classics Ethereal Library (An extensive Christian research collection including: Christian Study Bible, Bible browser, Encyclopedia of Christianity, Bible commentaries, Early Church Fathers collection, recommended Christian readings, Christian discussion forum, and much, much more)

Coptic Software Digest (Coptic oriented software related to: communications and networking, database and spreadsheet, fonts, graphics, desktop publishing and word processing, optical character recognition, English as second language learning, education and training, books, entertainment and games, other Coptic software sites, and much more)