Here`s a simple free stable place (thank`s too Google) I've chosen to host some of the materials I'd like to share with everyone. Don`t consider it a real web site of me, but just an archive for things I've publicly released for any reason.

My Blog:
I maintain a personal blog. There I usually post topics related to my career (information security) and most of the posts I've written so far were technical ones. Here`s the link to my  blog : http://hkashfi.blogspot.com

My Browsing History:
As I don`t like to copy/paste other people`s works and writings, I usually prefer to directly link you to interesting things rather than re-writing them in my blog. Unless there is something to add about a case (which I`ll do it through my blog), I`ll just share them this way. I visit tens of sites and blogs in a daily basis to keep myself updated. It`s hard to maintain interesting items so I decided to use Google Reader sharing feature for this purpose. With a click of mouse, you`ll know what I know. Since these bookmarks are result of my daily web browsings I decided  to name it My Browsing History.

My Twitter:
Finally, if you've not spied me enough and like to hear more from me in a more up to date way, you can check my twitter posts. Here`s the link : http://twitter.com/hkashfi

Contact Info:
So you're looking for something that`s not covered in any of above links? Feel free to directly contact me by email. PGP key is attached to the same page.
hamid {@t} oissg.org
Hamid K,
Oct 18, 2010, 5:03 PM