Name Position Research
Prof Paul O'Higgins Chair of Anatomy Primate form, function and ontogeny; geometric morphometrics; facial mechanics
Dr Sam Cobb Lecturer in Anatomy Craniofacial and dental development & evolution
Dr Sarah Elton Lecturer in Anatomy Primate palaeobiology and evolution; functional morphology; hominin evolution; Old World monkey morphological variation
Dr Markus Bastir Honorary Research Fellow Palaeoanthropology; hominid craniofacial biology; theoretical morphology; geometric morphometrics
Dr Andrea Cardini Honorary Research Fellow Old World monkey morphological variation; vertebrate and invertebrate morphology; geometric morphometrics
Dr Daniel Franklin Honorary Research Associate Bioarchaeology; modern human cranial variation; geometric morphometrics
Dr Kornelius Kupczik Postdoctoral Research Fellow Primate craniofacial biomechanics; mammalian dental morphology and evolution; 3D imaging
Prof Charles Oxnard Honorary Visiting Professor Primate form, function, development and evolution; bone biomechanics; morphometrics
Prof Terry O'Connor Professor of Zooarchaeology Bones and stuff
Prof Geoff Bailey Anniversary Professor of Prehistory Coastlines, roughness migration and human evolution
Dr Matthew Collins Reader in Biomolecular Archaeology Ancient Proteins
Dr Nicky Milner Senior Lecturer in Archaeology
Mesolithic studies, archaeomalacology
Dr Penny Spikins
Senior Lecturer in Archaeology
Cognitive and Social Evolution, Mesolithic Britain
Prof John Curry Emeritus Professor Bone material properties
Harry Kenward Research Fellow in Palaeoentomology Insects and ancient environments
Dr James Barrett Senior Lecturer in Archaeozoology Head of Fish Lab
Prof Don Brothwell Emeritus Professor
Dr Alan Hall Senior Research Fellow in Archaeobotany Archaeobotany
Dr Phil Piper Leverhulme Research Fellow Asian Zooarchaeology
Dr Stephen Buckley Wellcome Research Fellow BioArchaeology Lipid analysis and burial practice
Dr Enrico Cappellini NERC PDRA PalaeoProteomics
Dr Karen Hardy Marie Curie Research Fellow Residues on Lithics
Dr Kirsty Penkman Wellcome Research Fellow in Bioarchaeology Amino acid geochronology