Palaeo Book

A basic schedule of works for the Palaeo book.  This is worth 60 points

On the assumption that each student will spend 2.5 hrs per week on the book project in the period beginning Easter 2007 and ending Sept. 2008 excluding statuary holidays if applicable. No substantive work on the book will take place in the first six months or the last year of the 3 year project at all. 

Easter – Sept 2007 

  1. A series of one hour editorial meetings will be scheduled in the spring term – Mar – July. These will be in my room in Langwith and will take place on alternate weeks.  All meeting dates will be flexible in respect of the other work students might have on at that point in their research.

  2. All six students will exchange their literature reviews - previously produced.  No specific written commentary will be required of them – this is a familiarisation and reading exercise.

  3. From 2 above, students will locate the topics they are going to write about and the general geography of the book will begin to take shape. This might be an adaptation from what they have already written and developed in the light of what others have written and in the light of overall Paleao aspirations.

  4. Students will sketch out – in plan form – their individual chapters and what they intend to write about.  They will collect materials and begin to block out what they intend to do.  They will be tasked with developing a book that will be a coherent whole to which they make individual contributions. This will be discussed and agreed in the editorial meetings.

  5. We will begin to shape and understand the task ahead and consider how we are going to approach it.  We will establish a communication system and familiarise ourselves with each other’s diaries and workloads in the interests of efficient working.

    Sept – Xmas 2007 

  1. Monthly editorial meetings – probably of 2 hr duration.

  2. Students will be required to produce a draft of their chapters and this will be submitted to each member of the group who will – under editorial guidance from me – critically appraise and edit each others drafts – 1st iteration.

    Xmas – Easter 2008

  1. Monthly editorial meetings – probably of 2 hr duration.

  2. Students will now work in 2 groups of 3 to edit each other’s work in a 2nd iteration.

    Easter – end Sept 2008

  1. Series of one hour editorial meetings – probably on alternate weeks.  Some of these may not be necessary.

  2. Deadlines will be agreed in this period for copy to be delivered in preparation for the ensuing stages of production.

  3. Specific roles will be agreed to take responsibility for indexing, referencing, formatting and graphical communication, introductions, contents etc.

  4. A meeting with the university printer to decide format, size, paper, colour, font etc. will take place in May/June.

  5. Final camera ready copy to be delivered to the printer Sept 29 08.