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PALAEO – Palaeoecology, Archaeology and Evolutionary Origins - is an interdisciplinary training centre dedicated to the recovery of information about past peoples and their environment from sources that range from human skeletons to ancient biomolecules. Palaeoecology, archaeology and human evolution are vibrant and innovative disciplines, in each of which York has active research groups. PALAEO represents an innovative programme to integrate those disciplines, by bringing together researchers in three existing groups: Functional Morphology , the Centre for Human Palaeoecology, and BioArch. Integrated study of all aspects of past peoples and their environment requires the application of the full gamut of biological concepts and techniques, from evolutionary biology to community ecology to biochemical analysis. PALAEO comprises a collaboration that encompasses the full range of the subject, offering fully integrated research training, and delivering those advantages to colleagues throughout Europe, by bringing together leading practitioners with an exceptional depth of experience and collective breadth of expertise. 

PALAEO researches the long view, showing the environmental response to past climate changes, and the longer-term accommodations between ourselves and other species, information that is relevant to present-day species- and habitat-conservation. PALAEO also seeks to enhance the quality of palaeoecological interpretation by understanding the factors that drive and influence decay and preservation pathways. Decay outcomes both affect and effect preservation, and PALAEO collaborates with colleagues active in heritage management policy to contribute to the current debate across Europe on the in situ preservation of archaeological deposits and remains, and thus to the economically important field of heritage conservation and management.