"Special Announcement from Thailand Fieldwork Host"


<Phayao Center>
There are no cats at our center. We are keeping pigs and a dog.As for a dog, she sometimes barks strongly when people come into the center from front gate but never bite/hurt us and likes to play with.  Allergic person should try to avoid her as much as possible. However, our staffs are now talking that we’d better keep this dog inside not used house during seminar. 

<Home-stay in Jaha Village>
Most of households are raising chicken/hen near the houses and some of them are keeping dogs and cats. Then, we can see there are some homeless dogs/cats are walking around the village. 
I have never experienced to see animals coming into the room while I stay inside house but I cannot assure you that animals never break into the house because villagers do not care about it so much like us. Anyone allergic to dust should bring a mask or handkerchief. 
 We have prepared plastic dishes but we appreciate if those who need to, bring their own chopsticks, spoon and fork here because we have other opportunities to eat outside of center   
- Preparing stuff
(1) Rain boots are very useful for home-stay and when we building pig hut. Folding umbrella and rain coat are also helpful for you to prevent from getting wet.  
(2) Small mobile flash light is really convenient for participants. We have some handy sized flash lights but are not enough I feel. Especially In the village, it is really important to move easily. 
(3) Souvenirs from own country are really nice stuff to communicate with home-stay family. Children love balloon, snack and play kits.  
Hiroshima Jogakuin,
30 Jul 2012 21:01
Hiroshima Jogakuin,
30 Jul 2012 21:01