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The Hiroshima Jogakuin University Legacy

Hiroshima Jogakkai was founded in 1886 by Rev. Teikichi Sunamoto, a devout Christian with a strong desire to develop women’s education in his hometown of Hiroshima. The following year, a 27-year-old American missionary, Miss Nannie B. Gaines, was invited to be the first principal of what would become the first school for women’s education in Hiroshima. Through the years, the school faced many difficulties—Japanese government policy toward the separation of education and religion, the accidental burning of several school buildings, the disruption of World War II, and the tragedy of the atomic bombing. Through its foundation based on Christian principles of faith and prayer, Hiroshima Jogakuin has overcome many struggles, strong in its belief that it would never be defeated by any difficulty or disaster.

Global Studies in English Department

Global Studies in English (GSE) is the academic study of social, economic and cultural relationships in the world. Increase your understanding of the world, the people in it and the issues affecting us all. Learn about differing cultures, economies, languages and business practices. Study about the world's religions, women's issues and the importance of the environment. Develop a global way of thinking with GSE, and do all of this through courses taught in the world's current global language English.

Using a variety of media, the curriculum combines theoretical background with practical experience. All GSE majors will participate in either Global Village Field Experience (volunteer or internship abroad) or Volunteer or Internship in Japan. GSE will provide students with a deep cross-cultural understanding and prepare them for work, study or volunteer activities in Japan or abroad.

Campus Map

Campus Map

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