The Issues


I support legalization of drugs and decriminalization for drug crimes unrelated to violence or theft. Criminalization has not resolved the issue of drug use. Intensive treatment for the afflicted is best through voluntary means within community outreach. Early education on drug use and their effects has proven effective, particularly when shown what various drugs actually do to people. The international drug trade has caused widespread violence, corruption in multiple government systems, a billion dollar business for organized crimes and cartels, and added to illegal immigration. It is time to stop funding worldwide organized crime.


The official Libertarian Party platform recognizes abortion and family planning separately from government intervention. Personally, I recognize that life begins with fertilization of the egg as it fulfills the scientific definition of life. I support efforts to prevent abortion outside of the legal system through education, alternative opportunities for expectant mothers such as adoption or voluntary charity support to the mother and child’s needs, and voluntary donations for birth control methods. This particular argument has cost “we the people” on both sides, because it will not be resolved through force, but through community efforts and compassion.


Marriage is not an issue for government regardless of sexual orientation. The government utilizes control over marriage and divorce as a revenue stream. People must obtain licenses, file for divorce, and may be penalized or credited regarding taxation. It creates a conflict of interest for unbiased leadership and discriminatory advantage for some in the legal system over others. The government’s role clearly needs to remain limited to providing justice when personal liberty is infringed.


I support school choice. Ultimately, educators and parents should develop and implement curriculum over business, government, or unqualified people or groups. Currently, the Department of Education’s leader lacks professional training as an educator and therefore does not have the qualifications to lead education in Minnesota or the country. People absorb information in a variety of ways and education needs to reflect that. A voucher system with standards driven by educators, families, and communities creates educational fairness and choice.


I support eliminating income and property taxes by moving to a temporary flat tax. It is time to cut government spending, operate within a limited budget like everyone else, and cut wages and benefits to politicians. I support contractual taxation applied at a flat rate for everyone in America with each person having a say on how the government utilizes tax money and I support eliminating the general fund, paying back social security and Medicaid that people paid into as well as holding officials accountable for misuse of money and power.

Foreign Policy:

I support nonintervention through government. A number of people around the world and in America are in desperate need of help. I propose voluntary exchanges of goods and services for those in need through community and group driven efforts leaving leaders free to represent and defend our few common interests from those that would infringe upon our total unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property. Currently, America participates in the UN as a major power even though a number of reports show that UN leaders, not just workers, but leaders engaged in acts of rape and abuse upon women and children in foreign countries. Having diplomatic immunity none of these leaders shall ever face criminal prosecution. For those who believe that dismissing this kind of criminal activity is valid for the privilege of wielding power and influence over other nations, I find it reprehensible.

Military Actions:

Only Congress has the right to declare war as stipulated in the Constitution. Even military action and peace keeping missions that result in use of force is an act of war and the total responsibility and risk falls to Congress. As such, direct defense of the nation is the one valid reason for the creation and use of a military force.

Prison System:

The privatized prison system does not work. Our prison population exceeds other developed nations and rivals underdeveloped nations. This is alarming in a country that claims to support liberty, was built to preserve personal liberty and leaders as servants to we the people. Business requires regular transactions to remain profitable. Labeling we the people as criminals beyond the scope of criminal acts of fraud, force, and coercion is an effort of extortion and exploitation of we the people. I support decriminalizing victimless crimes, reducing private prisons, and reducing funding.


Humans are social creatures. I consider we the people as the largest and most powerful portion of government with social and economic concerns entirely our direct responsibility. Social and economic ills may not ever achieve complete resolution. However, I support direct effort through voluntary community charities, locally led initiatives, and the free market with all individuals having responsibility and free choice regarding the exchange of goods and services for goods and services. Using the government to resolve social ills creates conflicts of interest, unfair and imbalanced representation under the law, something that I am painfully aware marginalized groups experience every day.


A free market would drive down the cost of healthcare and provide medical choice for all people with doctors and patients deciding the best course of treatment rather than government and insurance agencies. For Minnesota, MA and MnCare prior to implementing ACA was already more than 93% effective for those in need. Under ACA, the spend down has proven costlier for vulnerable adults who also now face less care with agencies deciding what they need over doctors and medical professionals.


Gun Rights:

The Second Amendment is the only permit anyone ever need. We the people are the militia and our right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Criminals are not an excuse to reduce personal freedom. Violent criminals need face the consequences for their actions whenever possible to the fullest extent reasonable.

NSA Spying:

I consider we the people as the largest and most powerful portion of the government. As such, our officials work for us and need operate under the scrutiny of we the people with their actions being fully transparent. Individual information and liberty is reserved to the discretion and dominion of we the people.

Campaign Finance:

I fully support limitations on campaign finance by passing legislation that places term limits on Congress and campaign time periods restricted two months prior to any given election. I support eliminating campaign contributions from government agencies of any kind. I support eliminating the use of taxes for political parties, their candidates, conventions, or media use.  

Election Laws:

I support eliminating major and minor party status, opening access to third parties equally within every state as well as individuals who choose to run. Our representative government needs to be open to all of we the people. Party status and current state election laws create discriminatory practices. I support equal access to debates and legislation that eliminates the ability for candidates to seek media favor through financial means unequal to their opponents. We the people and the press have a right to free speech; elected officials serve we the people and need respect it. I also support including NOTA for none of the above on ballots.


I support deregulation of alternative forms of fuel, sustainable living, organic farming, and environmentally conscious businesses and industry for the preservation of the earth as well as for economic benefit. I also support transparency in farming, production of fuel and food so that consumers can make informed decisions on what they use. For businesses that create a negative impact on the earth or people, I support legislation to hold the business accountable for cleanup, cost, and restitution to victims. Development is not a reason to use government as a means to gain land use rights from individuals or groups. Businesses have a right to operate, but at their risk and expense.

Economics and business:

I support an actual free market with workers, consumers, and employers engaging in voluntary exchanges of goods and services for goods and services. Involuntary exchange is not a free market. Government intrusion restricts and eliminates an actual free market model. Business using government as a means to consolidate power, privilege, or monopolies whether by region, industry, or outright is not a free market. Open competition and choice drive a free market.


I support a uniform immigration policy applicable to all immigrants; either apply the law to all immigrants or remove legal requirements for all immigrants, current laws create conflicts of interests. For those fleeing South America and Mexico to the United States; unaccompanied children may be placed in adoptive or foster homes. For those guilty of criminal acts against Americans along the border or in other places, they deserve to face legal consequence and every American has every right to defend themselves. The government’s duty is to defend our personal liberties and provide justice.