1930 — 1960 
The Menningen Collection 
American Advertising in Print Media

The Menningen Collection, Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA

There are three notable ad archives in the world: the Advertising Museum Tokyo, Canadian Advertising Museum, and specific to the UK, the History of Advertising Trust. The unknown forth is The Menningen Collection in Philadelphia.

“An amazing collection, really very exciting.” —Ken Johnston, Corbis 

Unlike the other collections The Menningen Collection precisely chronicles popular American magazine advertisements from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. This Golden Age in American Advertisement celebrates a culturally rich period of communication arts, invention, productivity, and consumerism. Its an invaluable historic reference for past and current American companies, their products, services and brands of that period. 

In perfect condition, each of the 450,000 unique advertisements is noted with source publication and date. The collection as a whole is comprehensively indexed vertically and horizontally, allowing for effortless accessibility. –The Menningen Collection is a compendium of commercial American heritage, in print, and it needs a new home. 

  • 450,000 advertisements sourced from American magazines 
  • 3,000 labeled boxes 
  • 21 major category index 
  • 119-subcategory index 
  • 10,500 folders noting year, company, brand 
  • Vertical and horizontal organization 

“The Menningen Collection would be a boom to a university with a strong program in communication or advertising” —Sara W. Duke, Library of Congress

“Windows into the American identity… The poetry of commercial culture.” —Philadelphia Inquirer 

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