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About Us

Hizdamnuyot (Hebrew for 'opportunities') is a service listing jobs, mostly at nonprofit organizations, mostly those serving the Jewish community. Hizdamnuyot-Israel is a companion list with jobs for English-speakers in Israel. We've been serving the community since 2008 and have listed nearly 50,000 jobs.

Our Community

Hizdamnuyot is run by volunteers. It's brought to you by . . . you. If you'd like to volunteer for Hizdamnuyot please let us know.

Posting A Job

You don't have to join the list to post a job though you’re welcome to sign up. To post a job just email it to us. The volunteers will love you more if you send it as text in the body of an email rather than as an attachment. We generally cannot confirm receipt but your listing should appear within a few days.


We’re eager for your suggestions! If you have an idea or comment, please tell us.

Where Are Our Jobs Located?

Most positions available through Hizdamnuyot are in the northeastern United States, though we strive for geographical equality. The postings on Hizdamnuyot-Israel are all in Israel.

Signing Up For Hizdamnuyot

To receive notices of all positions except those in Israel register at To receive notices only for positions in Israel, register at You are advised to subscribe in DIGEST mode to receive a single daily email listing all new positions. If you choose the ‘no email’ option you’ll be able to view postings online at but won’t receive notifications of new postings. You can also access Hizdamnuyot and Hizdamnuyot-Israel via Facebook and Twitter using the links above.

Searching The Job Postings

Once registered you can search all job postings at

What Our Subscribers Are Saying

"This is the most thoughtful and properly targeted online job resource to which I subscribe!"
"It is very well curated, the jobs are of higher quality, and you don't need to sift through hundreds of duds to find the gems."
"It's really well suited to my interests (almost weirdly so)."
"It's like having a personal shopper."
"Although it never explicitly states it, you get the feeling that Hizdamnuyot 'cares' if you get a job."
"Has most relevant postings of all the job sites I'm signed up for."
"Hizdamnuyot landed me my current job! I'm so grateful!"
...Thanks above all to the volunteers, subscribers and employers who make this happen!