Hitoshi Tsujiyama

✉ hitoshi.tsujiyama[at]hof.uni-frankfurt.de

Assistant Professor of Economics, Goethe University Frankfurt
PhD in Economics, University of Minnesota
Curriculum Vitae
Research Fields
Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Labor Economics 

Frictional Labor Markets, Education Choices and Wage Inequality 
(with M. Macera)
Optimal Income Taxation: Mirrlees Meets Ramsey (with J. Heathcote), R&R, Journal of Political Economy
Implications of Health Care Reform for Inequality and Welfare 
An Analytical Approach to Estimating Social Preferences (with J. Heathcote)
Hours Worked Across and Within Countries (with A. Bick, N. Fuchs-Schündeln, D. Lakagos)