A Registered Voluntary, Not for Profit Organization, working with Special Needs Community - Mentally Challenged Young Adults above the age of 18.

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HiTECH FAMILY ENRICHMENT FOUNDATION is a registered Not for Profit, Non Government Organization. It is registered with Mumbai Public Trust in the year 1995. E/15637, is the registration number under the Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950, INDIA.


It is involved in providing social services to all sections of mankind.  However it has by choice opted to work for larger interest of the Mentally Retarded Disability group. We call them “Special Children” or “Children in need of Special Care”.

Special Children Tribute - HiTech Foundation

Although working as a team, one man in particular stands out as the founder of the group - Ajay Madhusudan Shukla.  He promised "himself to dedicate his life to the care and education of these children". Founded & nurtured by Ajay M Shukla a well respected voice in the field of Special Childrens Need.


"Together Everyone Achieves More" - TEAM


Core Team:

Ajay Madhusudan Shukla

Darshini Ajay Shukla

Yeshwant Bhanuprasad Dave


Steering Committee:

Anil & Saroj Parasrampuria

Anjali Ajay Thosar
Dr Medha & Arun Shete
Bakulesh Thakkar

Executive Council:

Rashmikant & Vina Shah

Mamta Shailesh Shah
Pushpa & Vimal Singhania
Parshuram Bhende


Support Abroad:

Neha & Jay Ajay Shukla - Dubai, UAE

Yeshu & Sunil Kothari - Dubai, UAE

Tulsi & Kedar Prakash Dave - Austin, U S A


Past events: 

Cooking Show with Solo Singing
4th February 2015

(22nd January 2013)

Talent Show
(11th February 2012)

perputal validity as per amended section
of 80G (5) (VI)
of the Income Tax Act 1961