Welcome to Hitch School's Wellness Site    

  • Hitch Wellness Mission: Is to create healthy relationships and healthy people within our community.  We as a community create healthy relationships when our school invites local healthy businesses to volunteer their time to help community members.  In turn community members can develop a relationship with a healthy business that they will regularly attend and become (or remain) a healthy individual!
  • The 2016 FREE Hitch School COMMUNITY Health and Wellness Night is: 
  • Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 
  • Time: 5pm - 8:15pm (you do not need to attend the whole event, drop by for one 40 minute class!)
  • Place: Hitch Elementary School - 5625 N Mcvicker Av, Chicago, IL 60646
  • Who's invited? Any Adult that lives in Jefferson Park, Gladstone Park, Norwood Park and the northwest side of Chicago!
  • Time commitment?  Show up for the whole event or just one class of 40 minutes!  We'd love to have you as long as you are available!
  • E-Mail: hitchwellness@gmail.com
  • Registration recommended! Please Click Here to Register! (Registration opens Oct 1st, 2015)
  • Cost: FREE

Schedule: TBD (will be posted by the end of March)

For those adults who have children at Hitch School in preschool through 5th grade, there will be free activities for your students as well.  Including but not limited to; karate, yoga, making healthy foods, exercise, and fun!

The annual wellness night is May 11th, 2016 from 5pm 

to 8:30pm!   Details below:

Hitch School would like to invite all adults and young adults (high school and up) that live in the local communities to enjoy a night of FREE health and wellness activities. This event is FREE and includes: a choice of fun physical activities to get you moving, informative health and wellness lessons, and nutritional cooking demonstrations (including FREE food).  This last years schedule (this years will be similar):

5:00 PM - 7:30 PM Free Wellness portion, which includes:
- Adult and Child Vision screenings 
Adult and Child Oral Health Screenings
- Adult and Child Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol Screenings
- Chiropractic Counseling - for spine and back health!
- BMI - Body Mass Index information and checks
- Local Vendors - Gen-Ki Karate, The Chicago Park District, May I have this Dance, Fly Girl Fitness, Smarty Pants Yoga, Alderman Arena, Health Book stand, Hardcore Fitness Studio, Outdoor fun table, and Summerdale Funeral & Cremation Service!
- Massage therapists for 15 minute massages with a suggested donation of $10 by BodyLux (the only thing that is not free in this event :) )

6:00 PM - 8:15 PM FREE
Children's Activities for Hitch School Parents PARTICIPATING in the Health and Wellness Fair - this is not a free daycare for a couple hours.
- Activities include Self Defense, making healthy snacks (yogurt parfaits, or no nut trail mix, or guacamole), playing the African Drums, outdoor activities, etc.

6:00 PM FREE:
- Novice Yoga - by Smarty Pants Yoga! If you've never done yoga this is for you!
- Boot Camp for beginners - by Windy City Boot Camp!
- Health Class - The Truth About Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins!

6:45 PM FREE:
- Zumba - by Fly Girl Fitness!
- Beginners Yoga - by Smarty Pants Yoga! If you've done yoga, but are still a beginner join this class!
- Cooking Demo - with a free mini meal - The "Rockin" Black Bean Corn Salsa by Common Threads!
- Empty Calories - what calories can you eliminate from your diet to be healthier!

7:30 PM FREE:
- Adult Self Defense by Gen-Ki Karate!
- Basketball - in the gym - 1/2 court and 1/2 court shoot around.
- Food Pyramid and Food Plate - what should your diet look like?
- Cooking Demo - with a free mini meal - The "Sneaky" green smoothie by Common Threads!