Judith Lyford Woman's Club

    The Judith Lyford Woman's Club was founded in March of 1912.  In a History of the Judith Lyford Woman's Club, written in part by historian Emma Goodale on May 25, 1918, "several of the ladies of this town had been agitating the advisability of forming a woman's club."

    On March 6, 1912, twelve ladies met at Mrs. Gertrude Wells' home for the purpose of organizing a woman's club.   They named the club for the "heroine," of the legendary bear story, Judith Lyford.  Gertrude Wells was elected president; May Burbank, vice president; Emma Goodale, treasurer; and Carlie Smith, secretary.  Executive Committee: Alice Boyles, Gertrude Osgood, Nellie williams; Entertainment Committee: Jennie Rogers, Jessie Drew, Clover Lewis.  These ten ladies and Shirley Walbridge "signed the constitution and bylaws as did Shirley Walbridge, thus becoming charter members."

    Club Members, June 1940-May 1941

       Bartlett, Mrs. Grace                             Hawes, Mrs. Ruth                                    Rogers, Mrs. Mary P.
       Bartlett, Mrs. Mable                            Holland, Mrs. Ola                                     Rogers, Mrs. May T.
       Barr, Mrs. Ida                                        Hopkins, Mrs. Goldie                              Rogers, Mrs. Lillian
       Burbank, Mrs. May                             Keenan, Mrs. Kay                                     Simpson, Mrs. Marcia
       Bellville, Mrs. Marion                         Laird, Mrs. Sadie                                       Smith, Mrs. Bessie 
       Conant, Miss Emma                           Lyford, Mrs. Nellie                                    Smith, Mrs. Clara
       Coyle, Mrs. Marjorie                           Martin, Mrs. Mina                                    Smith, Mrs. Kate
       Chester, Mrs. Catherine                    McNaughton, Mrs. Florence                 Smith, Mrs. Lottie
       Dane, Mrs. Mildred                             McAllister, Mrs. Anna                              Stevens, Mrs. Florence
       Domey, Miss Lois                                Nelson, Mrs. Nettie                                   Stacey, Mrs. Clarissa
       Farr, Mrs. Jennie                                 Orne, Mrs. Abbie                                        Tebbetts, Mrs. Marjorie
       Foster, Mrs. Maude                             Peck, Mrs. Florence                                  Wells, Mrs. Gertrude
       Gould, Mrs. Kate                                  Perry, Mrs. Eva                                           Williams, Mrs. Nettie
       Gould, Mrs. Margaret   
                          Pike, Mrs. Harriet                                      Williams, Miss Nellie  
       Gardner, Mrs. Ella                               Rogers, Mrs. Daisie                                    White, Mrs. Susie

       Haines, Mrs. Della                               Rogers, Mrs. Jennie                    
       Harvey, Mrs. Doris                             
    Rogers, Mrs. Mary C.    
    Honorary Members:

        Bruce, Mrs. Jennie                               Osgood, Mrs. Gertrude                             Tebbetts, Mrs. Mable
        Drew, Mrs. Jessie                                  Smith, Mrs. Carlie                                      Walbridge, Maude