Constitution, Cabot Historical Society

Constitution of the Cabot Historical Society

    The purpose of the Cabot Historical Society is to foster in whatever way practical a respect and love for the history of Cabot, Vermont, and to aid in its discovery, preservation, and study.  We therefore intend, insofar as our means permit, to do the following:

1.  Maintain and operate a museum of items and articles of scholarly and/or aesthetic interest related to Cabot's past: the so-called Cabot Historical Rooms.

2.  Study the genealogy of early settlers and prominent citizens.

3.  Study and protect from harm local cemetaries, monuments, historic sites, and areas of archeological significance.

4.  Recover, record, and preserve documents and written and oral materials related to Cabot's past.

5.  Promote the restoration and preservation of significant Cabot buildings, by research of their past, assistance to their owners, or purchase and restoration by the Society.

6.  To record, by interview, the recollections of Cabot's older residents, so they may be preserved for the future.