War Veterans

REVOLUTIONARY WAR - (1775-1783)  There are nine veterans of the War of Independence buried in Cabot's first cemetery at the Center of Town.  Some of these men were part of the early settlement and had come with Colonel Jacob Bayley to open the military road from Newbury, Vermont to St. Johns in Quebec, on the Canadian border.  The road was never completed, but it served to open the territory for future settlement.

CIVIL WAR - 1861-1865.  Cabot, a relatively small rural Vermont town, has sent more than a fair share of men to serve their country.  We have a list of nearly 150 names of men from Cabot who served in the Great Rebellion of 1861-1865.  Five of those men died in action, 18 died from disease and others died of the effects of their service. 

WORLD WAR I - 1914-1918.  United States didn't enter this war until April, 1917, but once again Cabot men put down their pitch forks to take up rifles.  We have located 47 names of Cabot men who served in "the war to end all wars." Charles Barnett, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ely Barnett (1896-1918), was the only official reported death of a Cabot man in this war.  Barnett died of pneumonia, likely a victim of the influenza epidemic in October of 1918 that took some 22 million citizens, many of them soldiers.

WORLD WAR II - 1941-1945.  "The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941.  The following day, United States and Great Britain declared war on Japan.  Within three days, Germany and Italy declared war on United States.  The nation was plunged into war with two sets of enemies half a world apart.  Young men and women barely old enough to drive, some not yet out of school, rushed to enlist.  Cabot was no exception." 
From Cabot, Vermont, A Collection of Memories From the Century Past, Cabot Oral History Committee, 1999.

KOREAN WAR - 1950-1953.  Records show 24 Cabot men and women responded to the call to duty.  The physical division of Korea along the 38th Parallel was agreed upon by the Allies after victory in the Pacific ending WWII.  North of the 38th Parallel, The Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, supported by the People's Republic of China (PRC) and occupied by Soviet troops, and south of the 38 Parallel, The Republic of Korea was occupied by United States troops.  When a communist government was set up in North Korea in 1948 and free elections were not allowed, friction increased along the border.  Then, in June, 1950,  the PRC, with military materials supplied by the Soviet Union, invaded South Korea in open warfare and the United Nations, predominantly United States, stepped in to support South Korea, driving North Korean forces back beyond the agreed division. 

VIETNAM WAR - 1959-1975.  There were 41 Cabot boys who served during the Vietnam War.   This was the longest military engagement in United State's history and was again a conflict between communist North Vietnam and U. S. supported South Vietnam.  It ended with South Vietnam being defeated and the Paris Peace Accord being signed in 1973.   United States withdrew and north and south Vietnam were eventually united.